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What are the basic beliefs of the Wiccan faith?

Um, so yeah. I'm sort of confused about what I believe. Like religiously... So I'm just researching different faiths and stuff. To see which one I feel more in place with. I looked at some Wiccan stuff and it sounds about right to me. Please no hateful answers- if you have something against this faith then just don't answer.

Can anyone give me a basic outline? I just need to figure myself out.

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    Wicca isn't dogmatic, there aren't any required beliefs.

    Most Wiccans are polytheistic, or duotheistic... some (like myself) might consider themselves monotheistic or pantheistic... but the core of divinity in Wicca is the Male/Female balance-- God and Goddess. But there are so many theological ways Wiccans can interpret divinity, I don't think this alone makes or breaks a Wiccan.

    Moreso, the tenets of Wicca are about living your life taking personal responsibility for yourself, seeking a healthy balance in all things, revering the divine spark in nature and ourselves.

    Also, do the rituals speak to you? The holidays, the way of worship, etc... do you find these moving ways to connect to the divine? That's something you have to ask yourself.

    A good website is

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    There are as many beliefs as there are groups of wiccans and solitary practitioners. Wicca is a polytheistic religion (2 OR MORE deities). We are not all NEO nor are we all NEW AGE (which is a misnaming since NEW AGE was what Shirley McClain called what she did which is channeling spirits, another thing WICCA is not. Not all are witches since you need no religion, deities nor Christian/jewish demons, devils nor Satan to do magic. You just need a knowledge of herbs, essential oils and how to use that and things in nature to change things in life. Unfortunately the only ones who have written about Wicca were also witches who wanted to get published. Not saying you can't learn from them, but they write mostly about Magic and call it Wicca. There is a basic rules and laws which you live by, you honor your deities, follow your sabbats and protect nature, the earth and all within it. A true Wiccan does not go quietly when he/she protects. We are not meek nor fluffy bunnies. We are humans who have our faults and failings like everyone else, but I have found that we try to respect the beliefs of others even if we ourselves don't believe them.

    I hope this helps

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    This is the definition I use:

    It's a summation of foundational beliefs and practices held in kind by most Wiccans.

    or a quicker description: Wicca is a modern, polytheistic religion with ritual generally centered upon a patron god and goddess. It stresses polarity and balance, as well as responsibility for one's own actions. Wiccans see the physical and spiritual worlds as being intimately connected. Wicca is an esoteric religion, with the real truths of it being learned through experience, rather than through instruction. The various practices of Wicca are to help people find those experiences and lessons. Wicca has no prophet and no holy books.

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    There isn't a strict outline for Wicca - there are too many various sects where the beliefs vary. On deities alone you've got pantheistic Wiccans, polytheistic, duotheistic, monotheistic, atheistic (that's an interesting one). However, there are some commonalities that exist between the groups.

    The Wiccan Rede seems to be the common bind "an it harm none, do what ye will." But that was ripped from Crowley...

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    Wicca is the call for many diverse paths of polytheistic religions. you will get numerous issues because of the fact there are as many ideals as there are persons and communities which save on with Wicca.

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    Zoe, whatever you choose to believe, please remember one thing: Believe it because YOU believe it. Don't believe things based on what your parents or your preacher says. Do your homework, put the time in and come to your own desicions. You, and only you, will be held accountable for what you believe when it's all said and done.

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    They believe in practicing good witchcraft, & in worshipping a goddess & a god.

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    Just go and ask your local witchdoctor and spin-doctor.

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