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My major is Ecology and Field Biology and I was wondering what some careers would be that I could pursue?

I am a freshman at a private 4 year undergraduate college. I am willing to go to graduate school. I really love science and wasn't for sure what to major in and just chose this one because I really enjoy doing science projects. I went to ISEF two years in a row, once in microbiology and once in botany. Please list some careers that would fall under the Ecology and Field Biology Major.

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    Look on job websites for jobs available for people with the degree you're working on, and see what the job descriptions are [and the salaries]

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    Blunt answer arising, i'm afraid... when you're basically of regularly going on intelligence, then it is the way you're. what's the point aiming for a occupation which basically takes the very cleverest human beings? i don't think of aiming for a occupation in photo paintings is "not aiming very severe". "not aiming very severe" must be "oh, i am going to bypass paintings in a keep someplace". you're saying "no one takes paintings heavily" yet you need to seem sideways slightly, on the talents which paintings provides you which ones may be transferred to larger "extreme" jobs that ought to provide you a steady income. How about some thing like interior adorning? Set portray for a theatre? some sort of work restoring paintings for a gallery? merely about no one can develop right into a health care service. not being a health care service does _not_ make you a failure.

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