Kofi Kingston says that he doesn't know what his role will be at Wrestlemania27 this year? Plus some Bonus Q's?

WQ:) What would you prefer for Kofi Kingston to defend his Intercontinental Title

at Wrestlemania 27 or would you prefer to see him compete in the MITB Ladder

Match at Wrestlemania 27 this year?

WQ:) What would you prefer "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus to do defend his U.S.

Championship at Wrestlemania 27 or see him compete in the MITB ladder match

this year at Wrestlemania 27? You may choose any opponent for both wrestlers.

Question Details: Kofi Kingston did say recently in a interview that he didn't know

what his roles would be this year at Wrestlemania 27. Kofi Kingston says that if he

got to defend the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania 27 it would be his

preference in a match. I realize that Wrestlemania 27 is only 2 weeks away if Wwe

decides at the last minute to include the MITB Ladder Match for Wrestlemania 27 in

this short amount of time could they still conduct MITB qualifying matches on RAW

and on Smackdown they still got 2 weeks or for sure they won't include the MITB?

BQ: What FCW/WWE developmental wrestler are you anticipating a debut from?

A:) Seth Rollins

B:) Brett DiBiase

C:) Javier Woods

D:) Peter Orlov aka (Alex Koslov)

E:) Richie "The Dragon" Steamboat

BQ2:) Should Rick Rude be inducted into the WWE 2011 Hall of Fame this year?

Or should Rick Rude be a first ballet Wwe Hall of Fame inductee? Rick Rude was

a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion in WCW.

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BQ: What FCW/WWE developmental wrestler are you anticipating a debut from?

F:) Mistico (Sin Cara)

What do you think about this old school Rick Rude promo I found this on youtube.

(Rest in Peace) Rick Rude one of the greatest wrestlers, performers of all time.


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    WQ: In all honesty, I've never been a fan of Kofi Kingston and never will be, but he is talented and I think he needs to be on TV at Wrestlemania. I'd like to see him be in the Money In the Bank ladder match. I don't think they will be having a money in the bank match, but that would be a perfect match for him because he's quick, versatile, and has great balance. Kofi always ends up doing something "crazy" that wows the fans. I actually wanted WWE to do a money in the bank and I was hoping to see some wrestlers in there. Even guys like Morrison should be in the money in the bank. It kind of makes me angry. Kofi is not the best on the mic, and his character is a little "bleh" if you ask me, but he's damn sure exciting to watch in the ring, and that's what I respect him for.

    WQ2: Again I don't think WWE will add money in the bank to their card, so I'd like to see him defend his championship. I don't like Sheamus, but seeing him in the ring will hopefully show what he has to offer. I think if he defends his title at WM in a clean match, he will be able to show how much talent he has, which I do believe he does have talent and can carry himself well in his matches. That's just how I see it.

    BQ: Sin Cara! He's a great wrestler, every move he does is so sharp, it's like he's not human. He's an amazing talent and has so much charisma. I can't wait, I hope WWE uses him right. Sin Cara has great charisma and he's quick and agile. I'm glad WWE is getting more luchadores in the company. They need them. Sin Cara will be a great asset to the business. That guy can move, like seriously. I'm pretty sure WWE has some good plans for him. He can high fly and he can still be a good technical wrestler. I give props to Sin cara.

    I do know who Alex Koslov is and he's a pretty good wrestler. It's just that I don't think he has the "it" factor. He's still very young and he has great experience and wrestled outside the U.S. in other places such as Mexico. I think if he went to WWE, he would probably be misused.

    BQ2: I think Rick Rude should be inducted. He was a great wrestler in his time and he was hell of a talent. However, I'm still anticipating the induction of Macho Man Randy Savage. I actually thought the Macho Man would be in this year. I guess they are saving him for the few years to come. But back to Rick Rude: I do think he should have been inducted. He had a great gimmick and had lots of charisma. My father was a big fan and told me about some of his matches. Shawn Michaels is a big name going in this year, so I guess they'll save Rick for another year, but he should be in there pretty soon.

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  • Spoiler Alert: Tomorrow Night, you will find that The WWE Booking Team has booked The Intercontinental Title Match at Wrestlemania XXVII. It should involve Wade Barrett vs. Kofin Kingson.

    As of Monday Night Raw on Monday, Match 21, The United States Heayvweight Title Match between United States Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Former Champion Daniel Bryan will take place.

    BQ-1: This is a tough one, I've seen most of these guys wrestle for other Professional Wrestling Promotions, so I will go with Sin Cara.

    BQ-2: I would like to see that. He was also World Class Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion and The NWA International Champion as well as an NWA World Tag Team Champion, ifI recall.

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  • 9 years ago

    I wanna see Kofi compete with Drew Mcintyre and I don't really know if there is a MITB Match this year at WM.

    WQ: Sheamus defending his US Title at WM would be great and to have him compete at the MITB Ladder match would be interesting too. Sheamus vs Daniel is a good feud and would like to see this feud continue.

    BQ: Im anticipating for Seth Rollins/ Tyler Black, cause he's my most fav indy star. Can't wait for him to debut in any one of the roster.

    BQ2: Yes most definitely, this man is a Legend. He should be inducted for this year Hall of Fame. That is one good video promo and he's indeed one of the best performers of all time.

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  • 9 years ago

    WQ : I'd definitely rather see Kofi Kingston in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this year at Wrestle Mania rather than defending his Intercontinental Championship . He is a great high flyer, and when you combine high flyers and ladders, you get a great match . I remember his great performance in last year's Wrestle Mania, with his most significant moment being when he used a broken ladder as stilts and attempted to retrieve the case . And I also remember his memorable performance at the Money in the Bank Pay Per View last year, with his most significant moment being when he jumped off the ladder onto Drew McIntyre, who had been laid upon an announce table . With these moments alone, I know Kingston can put on an exciting Money in the Bank Match this year at Wrestle Mania .

    Another reason I think Kingston should be in the Money in the Bank Match this year is because there is no one for him to defend his Intercontinental Championship against . Cody Rhodes is facing Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger will be in the corner of Michael Cole in Cole's match, Christian will (hopefully) face Edge and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship ... so who else is there ? The only other man available is Drew McIntyre . But is Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre a Wrestle Mania worthy match ? Not in my opinion .

    WQ : However, I do think a U.S Championship match is worthy enough, only because of the competitors . The U.S Champion, Sheamus; a 2 time WWE Champion and King of the Ring Winner . This man is a beast and can easily put on a good match . Daniel Bryan; an Indie legend . This man is the king of Indies in some individuals eyes, mainly because of his great wrestling skill . Last week on Raw, Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for the U.S Championship was a great back and forth match . And I think they will boost up the contents of this match since it is Wrestle Mania . And with the addition of Evan Bourne, this match could definitely be a contender for the best match of the night (excluding Triple H vs. The Undertaker) .

    BQ1 : I'm definitely looking forward to the debut of Seth Rollins on the main roster . I'm so glad he decided to sign with WWE, and if they can use him right, he can be a threat to the others in the main event scene . He proved that with great matches in the Indies .

    BQ2 : I don't think he should be inducted this year, but maybe next year . The reason I think he shouldn't be inducted this year is because there is already too many big names in the Hall of Fame this year . Shawn Michaels, Abdullah the Butcher, ''Hacksaw'' Jim Duggan, and others would overshadow his induction . However, I wouldn't have a problem with him and The Rock being the 2 main inductees into the Hall of Fame next year . Actually, that is a great idea .

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  • 9 years ago

    Im not sure they are having a Money in the Bank Ladder match this year at Wrestlemania. So I would like to see him defend his Intercontinental Championship against someone like Drew McIntyre, Sin Cara, Chris Masters or Wade Barrett. Kofi Kingston could be a main eventer in the WWE but I think that they need to give him a good push. And it would suck if he wasn't added to the Wrestlemania card, since he is good and really underrated on the mic and he is exciting to watch in the ring. Like you said Wrestlemania is two weeks away.

    I doubt they will have a Money in the Bank Match since they haven't had any qualifying matches, Wrestlemania is two weeks away, and they now have a Pay Per View for the Money in the Bank concept. So, I would personally would like to see him defend his Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. It would give him a chance to steal the show and a chance for him to display his talent.


    Seth Rollins, Tyler Black is a great wrestler and I just cant wait to see what the WWE does with him. He is a huge talent and I think he would fit perfectly on Friday Night Smackdown, since they are having alot of upcoming, newer talent on the show. He is the the most popular new signing WWE has made in the past couple of months besides Awesome Kong. He is known for his time with Ring of Honor, I just want to see what WWE will do with him.


    I think he should. Besides Shawn Michaels, there hasn't been a big name inducted so far. And ''Ravishing'' Rick Rude would be a great entry into the WWE Hall of Fame and it would help the Hall of Fame show in the long run. Because in my opinion, Rick Rude is one of the most underrated professional wrestlers of all time. He had some good matches during his prime and he had a very creative gimmick if you ask me. Rick Rude, was one of the best wrestlers during his era and I think he should be in the Hall of Fame.

    BQ3: This is what I am talking about this guy played the heel character very well and I didnt get to see him growing up but from the videos and DVD's I have seen of him this guy was good at the heel role. I think no doubt this guy should be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I mean Pete Rose is in the Hall of Fame for being in a storyline. Rick Rude help pioneer pro wrestling with his promos, and his gimmick. Cody Rhodes is basically a modern day him. Not to make comparisons or anything, but Rick Rude had potential and he was a better wrestler than a good amount of people who were pushed over him. I could see Cody Rhdoes being like him, thinking about it. Cody Rhodes should be on the way to main eventing in the WWE. He is good on the mic, and he is fun to watch in the ring. Sorry but getting off topic, but Rick Rude should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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  • 9 years ago

    According to some spoiler reports Kofi supposedly loses the IC belt on this week's SD!

    so my guess is that He'll get his rematch, much like Bryan is agaisnt Sheamus

    B: Brett Dibiase, seeing as he popped up as a 'fan' at Summer Slam 09 helping Orton beat Cena

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