What is music, not literally?

What is music? Not literally.

Something that starts with music is.

Music is Life is Music was a good one, i liked it but i don't know if that's what the teacher will be looking for.

Music is the universal language, that's one that is on the wall but i don't really like it.

I need it for my music class, we are all making posters, i want to have something clever.

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    10 years ago
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    Music is emotional. no matter how you feel you can always find a song to relate to it

    Music is diverse

    music is politics

    music is a testimony

    music brings cultures/races together

    music is creative

    music is positive

    or music is the words that explain how we feel when we dont know how to express it ourselves

    music is a test studying strategy=you can remember words or math formulas by doing a song

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