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can i get rid of hpv?

I just broke up with my boyfriend and he was the second guy I've been with. I recently got diagnosed with hpv but my pap was negative. I don't have any symptoms and It's the first time this happens to me with my gyno tests. I am in my early 30:s

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    You can have HPV even with a clear Pap test. Your HPV test was positive you have one of the high risk HPV types. Abnormal cell changes may be detected at your next Pap but your body may have already stated its natural defense to your HPV type or types.

    Most people build immunity to their acquired HPV type. Yes, your body will probably build its natural immunity to the virus. No one can tell us 100% that we will never share our HPV infection with a new sex partner. Your next HPV test may be negative....because the virus looks for viral load once the virus goes into a low viral load it is not seen in any test...but in some the virus can re-active years after we acquire our initial infection

    It is unclear how many HPV-infected women who become HPV DNA negative actually have complete viral clearance and how many continue to harbor the viral genome in the basal cells of the squamous epithelium, but at such a low copy number that they cannot be detected using standard molecular tests. Such undetectable, low-level infections are usually referred to as “latent infections” and are similar to the latent infections that are seen with herpes simplex virus and varicella zoster.

    the virus can move from latency to "expressed" HPV disease such as warts or cervical cell changes, it is not possible to guarantee that the individual will remain non-contagious indefinitely. Consistent condom use has been shown to reduce the risk of transmitting HPV by about 70%. The possibility of latency also means that clinicians cannot define who has cleared all virus, and women with latent infection may develop subclinical or clinical HPV infections as they age -- without contracting HPV from a new partner.

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    You need to go to the following link and read about HPV. Once you get diagnosed with HPV it can be in remission or dormant. It means that you have the virus in your immune system but it can be removed by eating healthy and watch out for your sexual partners. My niece had HPV when she was about 17 and it was gone. I had HPV when I was 40 and had it removed surgically when I was 46 and I no longer have it. Otherwise, try that new pill they have for preventing HPV.

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    You can't. It may go dormant over time and sometimes go away, but there's no cure. Just make sure you get annual exams to head off cervical cancer. You'll be fine.

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    Get a pelvic exam. You could if they detect it early.

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