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If i calorie count will I loose weight?

Right, i find it really difficult to loose weight, so ive decided if I calorie count, i can still eat foods i enjoy as long as they are within my calorie allowance, right?

Women should have 1500 calories a day... so my question is this.... If i eat 1000 calories a day and excercise a bit everyday too will I loose weight? and how long will it take roughly? a month...? two months?

p.s - i am medium build and UK size 12 - 14 and my height is 5ft 3

thankyou to all those that answer :)

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    try the Baby Jack workout

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    it really can help

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    No, that is not adequate, regrettably. that is not energy on my own. to illustrate, sugars and salts in nutrition might desire to be seen. specially, any product with severe fructose corn syrup is almost sure to spike your blood sugar, which triggers your physique to keep fat. you in addition to might might desire to contemplate the style of fat energy in the completed quantity, and then whether or not all of it somewhat is offset by using the nutrition presented. at the instant, i'm staring at energy, energy from fat, sodium, and sugars, then looking if i'm handling my reported every day dose of iron, supplementations, protein, and calcium. No nutritional fee? i'm shucking it, yet conserving somewhat something each as quickly as in awhile for a minor indulgence. (Like a small little bit of shortcake with strawberries final night.) in case you watch issues often, an indulgence now after that is basically high quality, and keeps you going. additionally, drink dissimilar water because of the fact that is going to fill you up. that is reported 6-8 glasses; I fall short in this lots because of the fact i do in contrast to water! greens are additionally good to indulge, and end result, regardless of the undeniable fact that keep in mind fruit has organic sugars. I even have chanced on that Thai nutrition, in many situations, is *very* healthy, basically sidestep the candy iced teas and coffees they supply. i recently have been given a pair of books referred to as consume This, not That, and that is been a very eye opener. i'm now finding out to purchase smarter and ingesting out smarter. basically small ameliorations can and could make a difference. workout is a ought to. (yet another undertaking i'm combating using actual barriers.) workout kickstarts your metabolism and burns the fat energy. So it somewhat is somewhat complicated and sophisticated at situations. do exactly not starve your self (which unquestionably makes your physique extra irritating to keep fat), and don't binge and purge. keep in mind serving parts; those darn ingredients like bottled teas, chips, popcorn, ice cream, soups? they are unquestionably 2 or extra servings in keeping with kit! so which you would be able to desire to take their nutritional information and double it or extra, in the different case persist with the quantity of a single serving.

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    each pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 cal.

    If you cut 500 per day you would loose one pound of fat each week.

    you don't need to exercise to loose weight just watch your food closely.

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