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Why would a Missouri Cop tell me my license was invalid and to call the IL Dept of Revenue?

I was pulled over for speeding in Hannibal, MO, on my way home to Chicago. The officer told me IL was saying my license was invalid. I have never had a DUI and it has been over 10 years since my last speeding ticket. The officer than came back telling me that IL says I have transferred my license to Oregon. Again, I have never been to Oregon. The officer let me go and told me to contact the Department of Revenue in Illinois. I looked up the Illinois Department of Revenue and found nothing about Driver's Licenses. I logged on to the Secretary of State and made sure all of my information was up to date.Does anyone have any insight?

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    There are at least a million other reasons a persons license could be invalid, suspended, revoked, disqualified, etc.

    The MO cop may not have been able to find out why fast enough and apparently did not think it was worth arresting You for it.

    Here in Florida, we call it the department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles. Figgers in the midnight blue state, it is the department of revenue.

    Did I say figgers?

    I meant figgaz

    My bad!

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    You can't expect the Missouri cop to have the names of Illinois departments correct.

    There are some wierd laws in Illinois. Your license could have been suspended for any number of reasons. I guess they do that to have some leverage over people who would otherwise ignore some of the more ridiculous fees and regulations.

    -failure to present a vehicle for emissions testing

    -lack of insurance

    -failure to renew license plate registration

    -parking tickets

    - toll violations

    There's more, those are just the ones that leap to mind.

    Any of these could have happened if you recently sold or traded in a vehicle and someone in the paperwork chain dropped the ball. Example, you scrapped your old car, but the scrapyard failed to register the title, then when emissions dates came and went, so the secretary of state suspended your drivers license. Or the person now driving your old car is ignoring tickets or emissions requirements.

    Its also possible that someone has stolen your identity. I'd go to a driver's license facility in person and find out what, if any, problems there are.

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    because you told him the truth that you are from Chicago. At least he's not a dumb cop. I heard most people tend to think Chicago is a state and forget it's in the state of Illinois. Since he knew Chicago was your home, he wanted you to go to the Illinois Department to fix your license somehow....

    Revenue means the government department of collecting income such as taxation, or other sources according to the online dictionary site I found from google. He either wants you to renew it or pay fines on it, whatever the state law says.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is that you owe back child support. If not then contact the DMV and find out what the status of your license is.

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    Contact whoever issues licenses in IL and ask them what is up.

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    I would call the DMV. They're the ones that know about licenses.

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