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Do you think that original characters can ever work in fanfictions?

People have plenty of reason to be cynical about original characters in works of fanfiction, given that so many fall into the Mary-Sue category that instantly make the story predictable and uninteresting. And is really only interesting to the writer who is living out this fantasy in the writing somehow, and not to an audience.

Still, I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while. I would never want to read or write about an original character who came in and upstaged all the other characters and screwed with the plot. Rather, the concept I have is to make this character basically an ordinary person. Someone who doesn't have this great destiny that the protagonists have, but is an example of how an average person in this world gets by, the decisions/sacrifices they have to make, and how they view the world in the story.

I guess it wouldn't be a completely original character, this person exists in the story, but only as the "other soldier". So I would basically just be giving this preexisting character a voice. And because this "other" person is along with some of the main characters, he would have interactions with the main characters, and would make observations, but would play no major role and wouldn't screw with the canon.

Does this sound like something that could work?

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    It depends on the fandom. I mean, suppose you write something like Knight Rider fanfic. Think about what a canon episode consisted of.

    Michael Knight saving This Week's Guest Star.

    So any story you wrote which was even remotely like an episode would _have_ to have one or more OCs featuring strongly. No way round it.

    Contrast that with Lord of the Rings, where inserting an OC for the canon characters to rescue is such a cliche that it's become a joke. (They are called "Tenth Walker" stories. It's not a compliment).

    Yes, I think your story could work...though I'm a little confused by why you are asking about OCs if he is a canon character, however minor. He has a predefined role already.

    I have a couple of dozen OCs altogether in my fanfic. They all play minor roles - they are the canon heroes' doctor, mechanic, colleagues in their day jobs and so on. They logically have to exist in canon, it's just that the show never got round to featuring them :)

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    Fanfiction written by a writer who knows how to craft a story can be every bit as good as fully original fiction. The issues seem to be that some copyright holders are nasty about it, that few people moved to write it have any talent or work ethic, that fanfic therefore enjoys a fully-deserved terrible reputation, and that you can't attempt to sell it no matter how great it comes out.

    I decided I could write after playing with fanfic. I've rewritten some of them, erasing the visible character who is not my creation, and sold them.

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    Yes, they can, as long as they are written to fit into the show and not as a Mary Sue.

    I write for Primeval and in one of my comms on livejournal, there are now as many o/c's as main characters. We all use the same characters and they're as much a part of the fandom as the on-screen canon characters. Fic is often written with just two of the o/c's as the central pairing and it works because they fit in.

    It's the same as what you're saying, about pre-existing characters who just need a voice. On Primeval there are always soldiers hanging about in the background who never get names or storylines. In the comm, they are developed into proper characters.

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    Yes, i think your idea could work but it's a matter of how well you entwine the original and main character's together.

    I've read a fanfiction where there was more than two original characters interacting with the main character and it worked perfectly.

    Hope this helps :)

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