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Will Windows 8 be Microsoft’s last Operating System?

With so many computer manufactures declaring independence from Microsoft, it's going to be hard for windows 8 to make a big splash, when or if it's released next year. Many computer manufactures are moving to other operating systems. Dell have started to install and distribute Linux on their systems,

Today March 21 2011 Hp have declared independence from Microsoft. They will be installing their own new operating (WebOS) on their computers. This looks like the end of Microsoft's monopoly over the consumers market, No more forced sales of windows. Consumers will be able to pick what operating system they want install on their new computers,

This could also put the brakes on the other widget proprietary operating system once people can see how powerful, stable and secure open source operating systems is and what it can do


Tycho Brahe

One wonders how or why Linux is very annoying computer OS. Here is something for you to ponder over for the next month or two, I am 69 yrs old. I started using Linux 4 years ago. Over the last couple of years I have installed Linux on several pensioners computers. Their ages are between 67 years and 81 years. they have never found any problems using Linux. In fact they say it easier than using windows and they should know after all windows is all they have ever used,

One lady at the age of 71 has become quite an expert with Linux, she has installed it on several of her family and friends computers and introduced her grandkids to Linux, Please explain why you find it to be an annoying computer OS, is it because people have lost the ability to learn something new?

Update 2:


I agree up to a point, Computer manufactures have already been through proprietary operating systems and lock downs and lockouts. In the 70's when computers and software would not communicate outside their own systems, In the 80's it became that all computer systems had to be IBM compatible so they could communicate between each system, though Apple Mac stayed outside with the Power Pc. Now Mac have moved over to the Intel processors people can and have jail broken Mac OS/x by the 1000's, That's the reason Mac went to court to make it illegal for users to jail breaking their systems

Now with whats going on around the world all governments are demanding that all software most be open document format, which MS are still fighting against. Because of MS Office proprietary end user license agreements

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    In your dreams.

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    Don't rejoice too quickly, just look at Apple's locked down, dumb down, iOS 4 with restricted App Store to see exactly where HP is going.

    HP imagines itself as a Apple clone as the two had previous ties.

    Apple has just implemented the Mac App Store on it's latest OS X, it's going to introduce more iOS features in the next OS version 10.7. The walls are slowly going up.

    Every release cycle Apple is fighting with hackers to lock down it's iDevices, soon it will also come to their computers. This is a tired game consumers won't want to play for too long.

    HP is following Apple's lead, eventually computers will be locked down and people can't run software of their choice, including open source programs because they don't pay Apple's or HP's 30% cut.

    One will have to "trust" unknown people to break their closed devices and risk their warranty coverage, to run open source programs.

    Perhaps you didn't hear what happened with VLC being taken off the App Store?

    All programs, even free ones, have to be wrapped with Apple's DRM. That goes against the open source motto, how can one edit and improve on a DRMed software?

    Microsoft may be going down, but something worse is taking it's place.

    HP is offering users a choice, but most are going to pick Windows to be compatible. If HP only went WebOS, then that would be a shocker and HP's stock would drop like a rock.

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    I agree with the statement in whole, yet I disagree with the term 'open source'.

    "stable and secure open source operating systems is and what it can do".

    Yes there are stable ansd yes there are secure open source systems, but Free Open Source Software is what I prefer to see, improve upon ,learn, write and use.

    Give the guy credit, Mr. Gates did introduce the Desktop OS to the world. sorta. Now if Mt. Ballmer and others would get in line with SAP. ODD, DFSG, FOSS and others, then it could be a more productive world for every human.

    I cannot affor a Mac, I never could, I do use the BSD OS, BSD is in and of its own licensing scheme, wich is close to DFSG but is not quite there. yet.

    Mr Dell did pick up on the Ubuntu craze as it washed across the oceans, but they still sell %98 Microsoft pre-bundled with a bunch of other commercial junk, but hey, they are in business to make money, and they do.

    IBM almost went pure Java at one time, SUN-OS, but that fell through. Now that Google is encouraging hackers to produce clean code, is a better stack for everyone that uses these Electronic Computational Devices.

    Far as MS Office goes, well, it does not go, most all of my clients are on OpenOffice, SUN, or LibreOffice, kinda new on the block but we are working on it.

    Can't we all just get along?!

    See that is the line of Interoperability that most Corporations are so scared of. It works in the EU. it works in SA, it works in the US, without constant updating, and even some kernel/slices being cut back down to manageable sizes, then we go the way of the Monolithic Kernel Trap.

    Proprietary, I love ands hate that at the same time, I love the fact that a patented device can use its own code, I hate that someting sold to the Public is still proprietary. That is like, "Pay me $1,00,000 for the car, here are the keys, but you do not own own and you are not allowed to repair it when it breaks or fails.

    That is the predicament we are in now, $800 or more for a box with a sloppy code in it and we are not permitted by EULA to make it work or work better.

    I love and hate MS at the same moment, I love what they have accomplished, I love that some people learned and moved on, I hate that they still can accuse a person of a criminal act if some byte of code they used from a 1962 UNIX Manual is copied or redistributed in any way shape or form.

    I appreciate that you keep bringing these facts up and in one way keep the people informed that there are alternatives, alternatives that work.

    Source(s): a gnome is not just a lawn ornament.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you really do not know what are you doing Linux is very annoying computer OS, in another hand windows is simple and majority of computer users think of windows as their only option. Good thing that will come from the actions you described is that windows will probably be much cheaper. So eight will surly not be the last windows but definitely the change is coming...

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    will not be the the end of microsoft because people will not change even if they do not have buy the software i have given out linux cd no one used linux they bought microsoft i am not give out anything any more microsoft 98 & 2000 no longer supported changed them to linux AM using xp when no longer supported iwill change it linux is better the cd does not coast hundreds of dollars to buy cd does not have a# on it does not take 2 Howe's to down load can use cd on any computer do not have to buy anti virus

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I hope this al is true and that Windows 8 will be their last operating system.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i don't like/use windows either, but it is not going away anytime soon.

    linux is fine for me.

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