Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant?

For me research paper I have narrowed down my topics to the effects of Robert E. Lee or Ulysses S. Grant. I was wondering which person is more interesting and who there would be more information on, Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    They were very different personalities, with very different war philosophies.Grant was a great tactician, and planner, who kept his own council, while Lee relied on General Stonewall Jackson for conservative judgment and planning.

    Source(s): A research paper contrasting the two Civil War generals would be interesting.
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    Both have a ton of information.

    I would go with Grant. The reason why for me is that its more fun to write about things that people don't follow in common knowledge. Few people focus on the Civil War in the West. By West I mean anything west of Virginia.

    General Lee did an awesome job of delaying the inevitable. It as inevitable because while Lee was holding things off in Virginia, the Union was running rough-shod over everything else in the South. Grant had a huge part in that.

    The Civil War stretched all the way to Arizona, but all you ever read about is Virginia. When you look at the big picture, between the US Naval Blockade of the South and the loss of the Mississippi River (due in large part to Grant) the war was lost. Even if Washington DC had been captured by Lee, all that would have happened was the same thing from the War of 1812, the US Capital would have just moved to New York or Philadelphia.

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    Ulysses S Grant V

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    9 years ago

    More interesting would be Robert E. Lee.

    Of course Grant went on to be become President so it depends on your personal interest.

    Did you know that Robert E. Lee was Lincoln's first choice to lead the union army?

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    9 years ago

    Robert E. Lee - he had to do more with fewer resources

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    9 years ago

    Remember the winners always write the history books, as 17 yr. old in the mid 50s i was stationed in S.Georgia and was told a completely difference story about the Civil War.

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