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Right i have been trying to fix my neighbors computer all last night.When trying to start computer it starts to load then get's the blue screen message "unmountable_boot_volume. With this computer being a acer aspire one it has no CD drive and they don't have the money to buy a external one. i have tried booting of a USB but i get to the black screen where it says XP Recovery Center the grey bar loads across the black screen then says please wait, then goes to a blank black screen, and my USB light to say it's being read goes off. If i put my vista disk to a ISO image and mount it to my USB can i just reinstall the OS? Please help as i cannot sort this out!!

Thanks in advance!! :)

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    you might be able to. i have an acer aspire 5515. acer has been recalling some of the aspire models. you can go to and download the bios for that particular model. and get updates for certain hardware from there too. I STRONGLY suggest calling acer technical support before updating the bios, due to incorrect bios can cause the laptop to crash/malfunction. if the made a recovery cd before you got the blue screen of death please use it. other wise you can buy a recovery cd from the acer website for around 20 bucks. go to the boot menu during start up (repeaedly pressing F2) will let you change the order to which you can load the usb. or you can press F2 repeatedly to bring up the system option menu during boot and do a system recovery. I would advise doing a system recovery/restore before trying the usb as it may not have the same hardware and bio and/or system files, unless you know for sure you have the same laptop model. hope this helps. AGAIN UPDATING WITH THE WRONG BIOS CAN CAUSE SYSTEM FAILURE.

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    have you ever tried an F8 boot? to try this boot the computer up and carry down the F8 key. in case you nonetheless get the errors that the working equipment no longer got here across you are able to try doing a restoration with the XP set up CD. If that would not artwork you have a bad no longer elementary force.

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    if you live in australia, anywhere in New South wales- i know a VERY good pc technician, and he never gives up- he can fix that easy- if u live in australia - nsw then email me

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