What is the legal time to get residents up in uk care homes ?

I have worked in the care home for 6 years, however some day staff think that 2 members of staff should get more than 9 residents up between the hours of 5.30 and 7.15am some of these residents take both members of staff to get up when we have 27 residents and there is 5 members of staff on a morning.


Thank you to all, some of the residents do want to get up and others like to go to bed early and may have been in bed for 10 or more hours, also may be soiled even though they have been assisted with continence needs, I would not dare to wake a resident that I knew did not want to get up however the question was asked as I wanted to know if there was a legal time, the home I work in has very high standards and has 5 stars with local authorities and hospitals, it was something I wanted to know as most day staff think what we do as night staff is not enough although we work longer hours and it's the same two staff seeing to residents cares needs, I just wanted something to throw back at them as if there was a legal time I would tell them to shut up

or or I would not start until that time.

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is no law saying that residents in a care home need to be up by a certain time. Indeed, making them get out of bed at 5:30 am could be seen as bad practise - I know I would never put any relative in a home that wanted them out of bed by 7:15! I'd want my relatives to be allowed to stay in bed for as long as they like, especially if they are ill/frail.

    But there is no legal requirement for care home residents to be up by a certain time - it's up to the patient and the individual care home.

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    there are no legal times the care home most provide care for its residents in what would be a normal acceptance of the meaning of care

    it would be very hard to pin this down coz some homes may operate in different ways than others

    but generally as long as the residents are cared for in a reasonable manner and their care is not detrimental to their health it should be fine

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  • 10 years ago

    This is considered regimented type of care practice. Inspectorate of care homes are very against regimental type of care. If those 9 residents have been woken up, washed and dressed by 5.30 or 7.30 the home is depriving the residents to exercise their right of 'choice'.

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    10 years ago

    ive worked in emi wardsv as a student nurse and generally we START getting the patients up at around 7.15. these are long term elderly patiens. wow 5.30 is just unfair :(

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  • 10 years ago

    There are no legal requirements.

    If a service user wants to remain in bed what happens

  • Tavy
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    10 years ago

    There is no legal time. It is up to the staffing requirements.

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