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Jonny asked in SportsFootball (American) · 10 years ago

How is the game football played?

I never really understood how football is played. What is the difference between the players status? Like quarterback or linebacker? Every bit helps!

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    The basic premise of football is to get the ball in a position where you can advance the ball forward into the "endzone" or to a point where it can be kicked through the uprights; the former gives 6 points, followed by a Point After Touchdown (PAT) that usually involves a kick through the uprights, awarding one point, or another play advancing the ball into the endzone, awarding 2 points. The latter (field goal) awards only 3 points. In order to advance the ball down the field, one may run the ball, like in rugby, or throw it through the air, provided a catch is made. The offense has 4 downs (plays) to advance the ball 10 yards, at which point, if they succeed, they get another 4 downs. The defense is trying to stop all of this from happening.

    As for the difference between, as in the example you gave, Quarterback and Linebacker, these are different positions. On offense, there are 4 main groups of positions. The offensive line (OL) is the group of 5 big men who start the play with their hands on the ground (usually). This group starts at the Center, the guy who snaps the ball, and radiates out 2 players on each side, the Guard and the Tackle. So an offensive line would look like T G C G T. Next is the Quarterback (QB). This is a one man group. He is the guy who gets the ball from the center and is the most active player in making sure the play succeeds. He either hands off to the Running Backs (RB), or throws to the Wide Receivers (WR). Now we have the RBs. This group of player(s) has 2 main responsibilities, and occasionally a third. Their main job is to get the handoff from the quarterback on running plays and to advance the ball forward. On passing downs, they usually stay into block, or occasionally they will go out and become a receiver, which leads us into the next group, the WRs. These guys main responsibility is to get open so the quarterback can throw them the ball, and of course they need to catch the ball as well. On run plays, they usually trot upfield and "block", but they are usually out of the play.

    Now on defense, there are 3 main groups, starting once again on the line. The Defensive Line's (DL) main job is to control the line of scrimmage (the yard line where the play begins) and to pressure the quarterback on pass plays. The Linebacker's (LB) job is to just flow to the ball and make plays. They will plug holes on run plays, drop into coverage on pass plays, and everything in between. Lastly, there is the Defensive Backs (DB), whose main job is to make sure that the WRs stay covered so the QB can't get them the ball.

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    Headers and volleys-1 goalie,and up to maybe 4 people shooting into the same goal. Only allowed to score with a header or a volley.Variations of rules include playing up to a certain amount,say 10. The goalie gets a point,or goal if the ball goes wide. Football tennis-we played it on a road in our village,there was a fence between it and the park. Similiar rules to tennis,except you use your feet and heads. Wally-like squash,but kicking a football against a wall instead of a ball and racket. Similiar rules to squash. Oh yes,those were the days!

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    ok so there is a field and it has 2 endzones and you want to get in the other teams endzone and then you get points ok?

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    Get into the endzone

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    there are so many aspects of the game that need to be explained. Google it to save me the time of typing for an hour and a half

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