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If this happened to your toddler what would you do?

Last night we baught allot of saftey items to toddler proof our place.It was dark when we got back from our apartment and the walk way has no lighting,and crack inbetween each cement slab is really wide, wide enough to fit the tip of a shoe.So any way our daughter trips on the walk in the dark and I have no idea how it happened that she did not put up her hands for the fall. She just was not expecting it, I suppose.So she flew face first , busted her lip , scraped her face under her eye, and chipped the bottom of her tooth.She has a dental apiontment and she is 2 years old.I am pregnant and very emotional about my daughter , still I could cry.

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    Wow! I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. I would have felt the same way if it were my daughter. There is no excuse for this type of negligence.

    I would file a written complaint with the apartment owner, and give a copy to the manager. Keep a copy for yourself. Wait for a response from the owner of the apartment complex. You can find out who the owner is, if you don't know, by 1. asking the manager for the information, 2. going to the county records and looking it up by property address, it will tell you who the owner of the property is.

    If the apartment owner doesn't get back to you regarding the incident, I would file a small claims against him/her and the manager of the complex. They should at least pay for your daughter's dental bill. Keep in mind that these are her baby teeth and they will come out by the time she is 7. The point is, because they have not kept the property maintained, and jeapordize everyone's safety by not fixing the sidewalks and providing lighting at night, they are liable for any and all damages that arise from that negligence.

    You have a good case against them. In small claims court, they will most likely only award the damages from the dental bill or any doctor bill which you have incurred from the incident. Sometimes the courts will award 'pain and suffering' damages, but it would have to be something very traumatic, ie if you lost your fetus due to the stress from the incident, etc. If you or your husband lose work hours related to the incident, you can get that money back. Keep careful receipts of everything you pay out. They are your proof of damages. Take pictures of your daughter's chipped tooth and the scrapes, bruises, cuts, torn clothing, and or damaged shoe. Take pictures of the sidewalk where this happened. Don't say anything to the manager of the complex until you get the owner's name and address, then give them a copy of the letter to the owner. Document, document, document everything. Keep everything related to this incident as you will need everything in court to prove your case.

    Good luck and take care.

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    I am very sorry about what happened with your daughter, and I think you've already done the smartest thing you can do at this point which is making the dental appointment. I don't, however, think that this is some kind of negligence case as stated by the first answerer. As awful as it is that your little girl got hurt, It really isn't your apartment complex's fault, it was simply an accident. You're doing the right thing by bringing her to the dentist, and although it may not make you feel much better, just remember the tooth is going to come out anyway when she gets a little older lol. And congrats on your pregnancy! =)

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    Put it in writing that it happened. Send it to the owners of the building, or body corporate that runs the building. Even giving it to the building supervisor, and a copy going to the people who own it.

    Even if you dont get the response from them you require. At least then, you have given the written document, with statement of events.

    So in the case, they dont respond to your liking. Then you can take it further.

    If you do NOT put it in writing and lodge it. Its like it never happened.

    Also take a photo, of the dark walkway, in the apartment building at night. Showing that there is no light. As well as a photo of the gaps in the cement.

    On the photo, should have a date stamp, as all photos on digital cameras do.

    Make copies of the photos, and send them with the letters to the appropriate people.

    Anything short of fixing it immediatly, is unacceptable.

    End the letter with , if the matter is not followed up accordingly and with effieciency, legal counsel will be sought to deal with the issue.

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    I'd feel upset, of course, and would probably start some type of petitioning to add some lighting for safety reasons, but I'd hopefully recognize that it's also my fault. I mean, you know that the area has difficult footing and poor lighting, which means you're supposed to be holding your toddler so she doesn't trip, or walking next to her while holding her hand as a precaution. It sucks, and the apartment managers are partially at fault, but so are you.

    I'm sorry she's hurt and hope that she does well with the dentist tomorrow.

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    You should have carried a flashlight knowing that the way would be dark.

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