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stop Kim Jong Il !!!!!!!!!?

Today I watched a video on how N Korea"s dictator Kim Jong Il disastrous economic policies are causing mass starvation.People just sit down and wait to die ,they are to weak to even move. Few people even have money to buy food from the local market.I was disgusted by the complete lack of effort to fix this.I bet the little twerp eats like a king. My question really what the term for this kind of monstrous action is.I am going to start a petition on so hopefully I can pass it on to some one with more power than me, and them to their superior etc.I just feel so bad that I'm to young to actually do anything about it.


Stalin did this to my people too. He confiscated all of the grain in Ukraine to dump into western markets, as a result around 6 million people died died from 1932-1933 at an alarming rate of 25,000

per day

Update 2:

For the love of god you people don't really pay attention to details.I said".I just feel so bad that I'm to young to actually do anything about it." When I said I am too young to do that I meant I'm 14. All this

s h i t is news to me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The problem is that North Korea has been under the rule of Kim Jong Il (and his father before him) very long. The people are brainwashed, don't know what happens outside of their country and will be shot if they criticize the government. So inside the country, not much is gonna change.

    Maybe you think the international community should act. There you have a point, but there really must be something important before you can get all countries to act and get involved in internal affairs of a county. And in the case of North Korea, the government will not listen. Then others have to get military involved and send their sons there to die in a war for the sake of people that probably won't thank them for it because they are so brainwashed. Also, Kim Jong Il has nukes that he probably will use on China, South Korea or Japan, so that these countries rather let the people of N korea suffer then have a war in which their own people will probably suffer.


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  • 4 years ago

    we've been right here in the past (1950-fifty 3). seems to me the only reason we would want that missile protection equipment is that if we are stupid adequate to genuinely strike North Korea, which will initiate a war with the chinese language and the Russians, and that they have got nuclear warheads which could genuinely attain our shorelines. otherwise, North Korea is notably a lot incapable of wounding absolutely everyone yet themselves.

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  • 9 years ago

    my god, have you been living under a rock for 20 years?

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  • Tell Jesus to crucify his ***.

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