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Does the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S. FBI) offer ride alongs?

Does the Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S. FBI) offer ride alongs like local, state and other federal law enforcement agencies? I know that they mostly drive unmarked patrol/investigation/command/government vehicles. Although they use marked vehicles as well that displays FBI insignias/seals on them. For instance the Federal Bureau of Investigation Critical Incident Response Team/Hostage Rescue Team (FBI CIRG/HRT), etc. use marked vehicles as well. Also there is a uniformed division called the Federal Bureau of Investigation Police (FBI Police) and there similar to a local/state/other federal unformed police agency. The only difference is that they are a federal uniformed police agency that secures FBI institutions/officials/etc. because agents/special agents cannot do that job at the same time as their other jobs. Anyway the FBI Police use marked vehicles also and they are likely to offer ride alongs. Although I want to do it with FBI agents/special agents and not with FBI Police officers. Detailed answers please.

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    No, nor do they ride around an patrol. they are an investigative agency. they work in the office, drive to places to interview witnesses, drive to meeting with other agencies and drive to Court. The only marked FBI vehicles are the FBI Police, who provide security at the FBI complex in Quantico VA, the FBI Crime Center in Clarksburg WV and at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in DC. The FBI police do not patrol other than those locations.

    Someone else mentioned the Federal Protective Service. They also only patrol Federal Government buildings and complexes that do not have their own police (Dept. Defense Police, FBI Police, Supreme Court Police, Capitol Police etc.). They work under the General Services Administration, and usually have very limited patrol responsibilities. I have a few friends in FPS, and it is not exciting enough for a ride along, trust me.

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    The FBI operates because of the fact the national police tension and investigates crimes against federal statutes interior america. The FBI handles all robberies of federal banks. The CIA is the country's undercover agent enterprise. They assemble guidance on skill threats to the U. S. or this is electorate. The CIA works around the globe. The CIA does not cope with crime investigations.

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    No they do not. And they don't have marked patrol vehicles, you are thinking of the Federal Protection Service, completely different

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