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Anonymous asked in SportsHockey · 9 years ago

A question about the next Winter Olympics, and this year's World Cup of Hockey?

For us American fans of hockey, who would you want for the US national team's roster?

Here's my list:

Zach Parise

Jack Johnson

Eric Johnson

Paul Stastny

Patrick Kane

Goalies I think would be best suited for the US team would be Ryan Miller, and Tim Thomas as the backup? Who would you want as the defensemen? I just named the forwards for my opinion on this.

What do you think the US will need to do to stand a chance to win one of these two tournaments?


We came very close in Vancouver last year. It is indeed a fact that other countries like Canada, and Russia have better teams right now for the most part as they many more talented players than the US does. But I think the US will eventually get better and better than it was before.

Update 2:

There's not a doubt in my mind that we'll be the major underdogs, but if we can put all the pieces together to make up for that, we can defy the odds and pull it off as we did in 1996 World Cup, as well as the 2004 and '10 World Junior Championships. You may give your opinion, but please don't bad mouth me for giving mine. Thanks.

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    Well, first of all, there is no such thing as a World Cup of hockey, so I assume you refer to the World Championships. Sadly, because of an anti-NHL bias in the IIHF, the worlds are held during the NHL playoffs, so it's only the players who don't make the post season or those who go our early that get to appear. For that reason, it's a bit of a joke, since the top players just aren't there.

    The Olympics are different, the one time we get to see the best players in the world on the ice together. I agree with you that the US is a serious contender. Canada is still better, for now, but it's a fine line and either side can claim dominance. Russia is also a tough team, as little as they showed it in Vancouver, and so are the Swedes, the Czechs, the Slovaks.

    Tim Thomas won't be playing in any Olympics, he's too old to be of any use by 2014.

    Oh, and you missed probably the best US born player out their, Ryan Kesler.

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  • 3 years ago

    I save changing my suggestions in this one. the belief of the final against the final replace into something I dreamed approximately as a newborn. in spite of the shown fact that the Olympic suitable is newbie athletes, in reality having those experts there does do away with from something of the athletes there - the authentic Olympians. i visit decline, end the test for here reasons, a million) the Olympics are approximately newbie athletics 2) hazard of injury- i'm confident Ottawa followers undergo in suggestions Hasak. If the Olympics have been interior the autumn consistent with hazard yet basically before the playoff run- the timing is undesirable. 3) I enjoyed the hockey greater whilst the pros weren't there. Now Canada is envisioned to win and its a sadness in the event that they do no longer. interior the previous days we've been underdogs and that i enjoyed it greater. 4) most of the greater youthful adult men would stay out of the NHL an extra 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and play with the national group, then connect the club that drafted them after the video games. this will additionally create hype for the NHL. Ie reminiscent of Joe juneau in ninety two and brian savage in ninety 4. 5) because it is now most of the adult men there are no longer giving a hundred% besides because of the phobia of injury. shall we nonetheless do the international cup to get the final of the final taking part in interior the autumn whilst injury isn't as severe.

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  • 9 years ago

    There is no World Cup of Hockey this year, the NHL andc NHLPA issued a joint statement duringf the All-Star break that due to the upheavel in the NHLPA over the past couple of years, the tentatively scheduled 2011 World Cup (agreed to by Kelly in January 2009) would be postponed

    Quizzard, the World Cup of Hockey replaced the Canada Cup in 1996 and is a tournament jointly sanctioned by the NHLPA and IIHF, to date there have been two....1996 was won by the US over Canada, and in 2004, Canada beat Finland

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  • 9 years ago

    I agree with all the guys you listed except Thomas. As good as he's playing this season as well as two years ago, I don't think he'll be playing in 2014. I haven't heard much about a World Cup of Hockey this year except that one has been scheduled. For that, I might even have him starting over Miller.

    But, the reason that USA did so well in Vancouver isn't because of the star players, especially the forwards you listed. Parise was great for the tournament, and Kane made both USA goals in the gold medal game happen. The other guys... the guys you didn't list did a great job in their roles. Minus Phil Kessel, I wish he would've showed up.

    I liked Burke's roster of penalty killers, as some of the critics labeled it. I really liked Burke leaving out guys like Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta for some extra physical presence. I think TJ Oshie of the Blues could make a case for himself in 2014.

    For the defensemen, again I liked most of his picks. I might go with Ryan Suter and Jack Johnson, Erik Johnson and Brooks Orpik, Tim Gleason and Keith Yandle, and John Carlson as the seventh. Carlson and Yandle have three years to make their case. And, I know I'm snubbing Ryan Whitney, Paul Martin, and even John-Michael Liles, but those three guys are too offensive-minded for me. Martin would go in for Carlson if he doesn't impress by 2014, as I've found Martin to be underrated defensively. And, of course, if Brian Rafalski plays like Lidstrom does when he gets to Lidstrom's age, he'll have to go in for somebody. I'm gonna assume that he won't.

    Ryan Miller needs to continue to play well as goalie. I see Jonathan Quick, Craig Anderson (if he plays more like last year than this year), Jimmy Howard and Jack Campbell all as potential candidates for the backup spot, but I don't think any of them will be able to play as consistently as Miller did in Vancouver.

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  • 9 years ago

    Quizzard- Because of an anti-NHL bias by the IIHF? That is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Why would the IIHF be anti-NHL? That's foolish. Why do you think they want them at the Olympics so badly? The best thing for the IIHF is the participation of NHL players in their events and they know it.

    Also, Parise >Kesler

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