mission statement? plz help?

i am writing a mission statement for school. can u help me. maybe get me started and give me examples

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  • John U
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    10 years ago
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    A mission statement is just that, it states what the goals are for any organization is a concise manner. I'll throw this in and maybe help give you some ideas on what you would like to write for your school. If it were me I would do something like

    "Bethany High School is geared towards expanding the intellect and research capabilities of all enrolled students through challenging curriculum and outside activities including math and english competition and sporting activities."

    That's probably a bit lame but I wrote a few of these whilst in the military

    Here is more than a few examples of schools.


    Ok hope it helps. You can find more just type in "example mission statement" into Yahoo and there area few more that pop up then look for school examples. Oh you can plagiarize mine I don't care but I would be wary of copy and pasting off these web sites as your teacher may be aware of them :)

    Hope it helps

  • 10 years ago

    We would need to know what type of enterprise you are writing the mission statement for. Is it a business? What kind? A club? A charity? A mission statement is specific to the enterprise it helps to define.

    However, you can also go on google and use "mission statement examples" in your search argument and you will find quite a few. Good luck.

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