Survivors Benefits & Unemployment Compensation?

Can I collect Survivors Benefits and Unemployment Compensation at the same time in the State of Florida..2011

If the answer is "YES" please post a link pertaining too this..


Social Security Survivors Benefit & Unemployment Compensation in the State of Florida..Some people told me no because they take Social Security as a Income for the week you file. So from what one person posted it does not count as a weekly income. On the Survivors Benefit that as I understand is paid out either monthly or quarterly..

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  • Judith
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    10 years ago
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    Survivor benefits from where? Social Security? If so then yes. Social Security is not interested in unemployment compensation as it does not affect the payment of survivor benefits. Only income from work exceeding the yearly allowable amount is of interest to Social Security.

    As for unemployment benefits - aren't you told when you file for them what income must be reported? I can't imagine why Social Security would affect unemployment since it is not income from a job.

    All I can tell you is that Social Security could care less if you are getting unemployment. As for unemployment benefits, call that office and ask. Why aren't you asking the source instead of everyone else?

    Source(s): Retired 32 year Social Security claims representative.
  • hake
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    4 years ago

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