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Opinions on the Weyerhaeuser Company?

I was just wondering what every ones opinion on the Weyerhaeuser Company was and on its ethical practices. Also what you guys know about the ethics/corporate social responsibility towards the following:


2.the community that its in

3. the environment

4. the owners,shareholders,members, stakeholders

5.How does weyerhaeuser do in these areas? and What practices are followed?

If anyone has any information or opinions on the above, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared it.


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    I believe that in your experience with Y!A, sometimes you have an answer on the tip of your tongue but you cannot translate in term rapid, short and effective as the question requires.

    Well, I am in harmony with your question, and eager to fully address the problem, but right now it's my turn to give up because it is not easy for me to translate into English the technical merits of one reasoned response.

    Best wishes for a speedy help and solution of your problem.

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