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Is anyone on here a Terminator fan?

Im going to write a magazine article on the Terminator franchise and need a little help from fans such as:

- what props/memorabilia do you have/collect

- hobbies, what do you do in spare time related to the films, e.g. talk on message boards, watch DVDs etc

- Whats your reaction and behaviour towards the franchise

Could really do with some detailed answers. Thanks.

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    Saw T2 when I was a little kid (my mother and her boyfriend at the time rented it a couple of times). T2 was certainly a big deal for me because I was a kid and this film was filled with previously unmade wonder. I had a couple of T-800 model-101 figures and a T-800 exoskeleton figure.

    Saw The Terminator later on when my mother bought both films on VHS.

    Got the T2 Judgment Day game on Sega Genesis and was very impressed with the detail and how close to the film it was. EPIC GAME.

    T3 was coming out, I was very surprised at how great it was.

    Later, Christian Bale was cast as John Connor to star in Terminator Salvation, the first of a new trilogy. Very exciting.

    Also announced, was a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series. I thought it was an absolutely horrible idea to even conceive to bring that to television with different actors. I thought it would be a terminator of the week and didn't see how it could possibly fit with the Terminator series.

    So Terminator Salvation the teaser trailer comes out with The Dark Knight and I am really stoked for this. I prepare for it by rewatching T1, T2, and T3. I realize how amazing T1 is and how its the best of the series. I had never fully realized the adult themes and meanings. When I was a kid, it was just about a killer cyborg chasing these people. Now it was a love story and one of the greatest films I had ever seen. Just absolutely beautiful. T2 is still great. T3 still a fun watch. I still have fond memories of that first viewing though.

    I come to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Holy ******* **** it is awesome and deeper than the films themselves. And that was just the first few episodes. The Sarah Connor Chronicles acts as the real Terminator 3 and is in an alternate timeline from T3 and Salvation. I am totally infatuated with it and LOVE it. The series is phenomenal. It is THE BEST THING that is TERMINATOR. As far as I'm concerned, The Sarah Connor Chronicles IS TERMINATOR.

    I saw Terminator Salvation and liked it a lot. Then I saw it a second time and loved it. It really is a great film. There's no reason why there can't be two different timelines in the universe.

    Despite being different timelines, its still canon and still explainable by the many timejumps that alter time.... over time. T3 and Salvation is one possible future.

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a four-season planned story and got canceled after its second season. While it is an appropriate series-ender, I still fight for Josh Friedman continuing his vision. JOSH FRIEDMAN is the mastermind and showrunner. I should be calling it JOSH FRIEDMAN'S TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. It's important for Warner Bros. to hire him again if they continue it. Most likely it will be a DVD film or miniseries continuation. I would ideally like a 6 hour mini-season to be made to act as Season 3 and then do the same for a Season 4.

    I do spend a lot of time on message boards discussing story possibilites with other fans. The world of the series (TSCC) is vast and is just a heartbreaker that they may not be able to finish what they started. It's kind of perfect anyway if it never continues because it gives you enough material to come to your own conclusions. I really want Josh Friedman, Ashley Miller and Zach Stentz, and other writers to return with the cast and make these mini-seasons.

    The big thing holding that up is Pacificor, a hedge fund company that bought the rights in a bankruptcy auction because The Halcyon Company mismanaged their company and declared bankruptcy, owing Pacificor, who took the rights as collateral. Warner Bros. still owns its exclusive characters to TSCC while Pacificor has The Terminator name, with John Connor , Sarah Connor, and Kyle Reese and other possible minor characters.

    The Terminator is an extremely important story. A story about how we destroy ourselves, how we can save ourselves, and how we can learn to love again all through Artificial Intelligence, which can almost become us. And how there is no fate but what we make.

    I also relate to John Connor because my mother and father split up when I was a toddler. It was just my mother and I, she was a badass like Sarah Connor. My mother even looks like Linda Hamilton. She had a few boyfriends that would teach me what I know, important things that made me who I am today (I'm 24 years old now). The world of movies was something those guys taught me and its my weapon for leading people. Movies are important. Everyone watches them, everyone loves them, everyone can share an experience. If we can all be of one mind, one of peace and understanding, we can end our destruction. Movies bring people together. I think its an important tool to save humanity. The same can definitely be said with the internet, if not more so.

    Source(s): Does that answer your question with how I just totally geeked out there and poured my memory and heart out to you about my love for Terminator?
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    I'm a fan, but I have never spent any of my time proving that I am aside from watching everything from the Terminator time-lines, both movies and series. I have no merchandise.

    My most obvious reaction is one of horror and dismay at the cancellation of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, as it was a fantastic series in my opinion. Mostly my appreciation for the series comes from the in-depth exploration of what it means to be a machine trying to live in a human world, and the lines it blurred from the original "machine = bad, people = good" premise of 1984. I can't complain about Summer Glau, either. Her character is probably my favourite, though that might be because she was River Tam too...

    I can forgive Terminator 3 for the 'humour' is tried to use on Arnie, but mostly because Kristanna Loken was involved (have been an admirer since Mortal Kombat Conquest).

    I can almost forgive Terminator Salvation for existing because the second time I watched it I at least appreciated that it wasn't a bad story, it just didn't really fit in with the rest of the franchise. I can't forgive it for being the reason why those behind the series decided to stop making it though. That alone makes me wish it had never been made...

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