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teens: aeropostale, hollister, abercrombie, or american eagle?


I shop at aeropostale and hollister. I don't like abercrombie because its too expensive and tacky, and american eagle is kinda a wanna be of aeropostale.

I love shopping at jcpenneys.

Kohls is a good place to get clothes at too.

I thought about shopping at hot topic too.

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    I dont like aeropostale since pretty much all of their clothes have the words "aeropostale" plastered on it & all the shirts look the same & their skinny jeans fit horribly on me,I love hollister & abercrombie because they have really cute clothes & its worth the money,& I love love american eagle because there clothes are really cute & fit good.

    sooo..I like American Eagle better.

    I dont understand how you think Hollister has cute clothes but Abercrombie doesnt since they are both owned by the same company & make the same exact models of clothes except in different I can see you arent very observant when it comes to that.

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    AE is ok, sometimes they have cute stuff. Hollister is to pricey and I hate their stores, plus all their clothes are just labels. Aeropostale is a tacky knock off of hollister and abercrombie stands on the same level as hollister for me.

    I shop at Delias and Macys for jeans. Nordstrom, Forever21, Buckle, Target, Macys, H&M and well pretty much anywhere with cute stuff for tops. I get my jakets from Northface, Nordstroms, Delias and my school. Dresses from Forever21 or Marshalls. Shoes, usually just anywhere that carries what I want(:

    I don't wear any graphic or label tees/hoodies anymore, so I don't shop at your stores.

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    Out of those stores I shop at Aeropostale and American Eagle... the others are too expensive.

    But I also like to shop at other stores like Forever 21, Kohls, etc...

  • Aeropostale because that is the only store where I can find pants that fit me.

    Hollister & Abercrombie are too expensive for me and I don't really like their clothes. They just seem blah. I've never seen anything cute in AE.

    I also like Wet Seal, Charlotte Rousse( I probably spelled that wrong,lol) & Forever 21. I like Victoria Secret's perfumes & lotions.

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    The only two of those stores I shop at are Aeropostale and American Eagle and between the two I chose Aeropostale

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    Urban Outfitters

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    Actually, I think American Eagle is like the mom to Aeropostale, haha. Like Aeropostale is a little more... I dunno.

    I like American Eagle the best out of all of those. Oh, and by the way, Aero and AE are owned by the same company, soo I'm sure they aren't really trying to copy one another.

    But I prefer Forever 21 and Delias.

  • The only one of those stores I shop at is American Eagle.

    I like the clothes they have there and the fact that they don't sell many shirts that are basically like billboards. I mostly though shop at stores like Forever 21, Love Culture, Delias....those places.

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    I occasionally shop at Aeropostale. I don't really shop at the other three.

    I prefer shopping at Delia's, JCPenney, Kohl's, and Macy's.


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