Will George Lucas make the final 3 Star Wars Films?

The last three take place after Return of the Jedi. Nobody can give me a straight answer about this. I'd like three more but I'm not sure Lucas should direct/write them after he almost ruined the series with Menace and Attack of the Clones, not to mention the last Indiana Jones.....barf.

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    What "final 3 Star Wars Films"? ... haven't you been listening to the latest ramblings, opps, I mean "teachings" of St. George of Lucas ... you know how SW was ALWAYS supposed to be only 6 movies and how the story was ALWAYS supposed to be "The Tragedy Of Darth Vader" and how this 9 movie nonsense is just the extreme delusions of all the SW fanboys. Of course if you click on the following links that are a 3 part interview that George did with Leonard Maltin in the early 90's, interviews in which Lucas CLEARLY states that there were supposed to be 9 movies, you will see that it is St. George who is really suffering from these "extreme delusions":


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    Now all sarcasm aside, if Lucas would just come clean with the truth instead of changing his story all the time things would be a lot easier to understand and this question would be put to rest for good ... the answer is no ... the third trilogy no longer exists. If you want to read a very detailed account of this "truth" pick up a copy of the book "The Secret History Of Star Wars" by Michael Kaminski & be prepared to be blown away by the depth of deception that Lucas has tried to pull off. Kaminski did 100s of hours of research for this book and it is most generally given a 90% to 95% accuracy rating. The "Cliff Notes" version is this: When Lucas first wrote "The Star Wars" back in 1973 he didn't write it in "script form" or "novel form" ... he wrote a massive 12 part outline for the story. At the time he thought it could be told in the same way the old Flash Gordon series were done but realized very quickly that it wouldn't work that way. The problem and advantage of only having an "outline" for a story is that you can make changes to that story and pretty much hide them very easily. In that respect the 6 movie SW saga that we have now bares very little resemblance to that outline that Lucas started out with all those years ago. He made 2 MASSIVE changes to the story that couldn't be "hidden" and resulted in the story we have today. The first change was to combine the characters of Darth Vader & Anakin Skywalker into one ... originally they were two very different characters and what Obi-Wan told Luke about his father in ep IV, that Vader had murdered him, was very true. Obviously this change would have major ripple effects on the back story that the prequels turned out to be. The other HUGE change he made was to make Leia the "other Skywalker" that Yoda spoke of in ep V ... originally it WASN'T Leia and there was a whole trilogy devoted to the "other Skywalker". Making Leia the "other Skywalker" also had major ripple effects on the overall story the biggest of which was the elimination of the "third trilogy".

    Shortly after finishing ep VI Lucas and his first wife, Marcia, went through a VERY nasty divorce that ended with Lucas broke, disillusioned, and burnt out with SW. Of course the Indy films filled his bank account back up along with all the advances made by his FX divisions of ILM & Skywalker Sound. By the late 80s SW was basically a forgotten masterpiece but Lucas was starting to get the "itch" to do more stuff with the story. In an attempt to see if the SW fan base was still out there he commissioned Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn to write a 3 part novel series that would be the continuation of the story of SW. The titles were "Heir To The Empire", "Dark Force Rising", & "The Last Command". With the masterful writing of Zahn these books were a run away hit with SW fans. These books were so loved by fans that in 1995 Lucas was giving VERY serious thought to making them into the fabled episodes 7 - 9. One call to Harrison Ford killed that idea rather quickly as Ford told him that he would not be able to reprise his role as Han Solo because he was too busy with other projects at the time. While these books are not and never will be ep 7 - 9 Lucas HAS given them the tag of "Official Continuation of the story of SW". With this route closed off Lucas turned his attention to the SE versions of the OT films that came out in 1997 and the DVD versions of the OT that came out in 2004 and finally to the prequel films. The 6 movie saga we have now IS the final version of his epic story of SW.

    May The Force Be With You ...


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    no he only ruined Phantom with Jar Jar (dont know why people hate Clones)

    and only people who dont understand the story line hate the last IJ movie.

    as for star wars he has said numerous times no that he was done.

    However he has also said on a few occasions that there are things he would conisder

    in 1995 before he made the prequels he said that "The Thrawn Trilogy" was his first pick for a sequel trilogy.

    Sometime after 2005 (revenge of the sith) Lucas was quoted as saying that he wouldnt mind doing one more prequel:

    800 years before the Ep 1 events, a young yoda helps defeat the sith

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    He's said since it takes a decade to do a trilogy, he's not going to do it because he doesn't want to tie himself to it for that long.

    I'm hoping he let's someone else take the reins.

    Perhaps a descendant of Luke Skywalker has to take on an ancient evil to prevent a resurgence of the Sith? Mark Hamill can do the "Jedi Ghost" thing.

    With all new characters except for Luke and the two droids, of course.

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    Well, didn't he already make the final 3 films?

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    We can only hope and pray that another star wars movie is never made.

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