Child support and traveling outside of the country?

Child support and traveling outside of the country?

I know this person/friend who thinks that his ex girlfriend/babymomma ordered child support on him. He has received a letter asking for his blood test and thats all. He is planning to travel overseas next month but doesn't know if he will have problems with National Securities or the officials at the airport. He has been living in the US for 20 years and has a green card. What should he do? Is that letter a court order? Would he have problems at the airport? Answers please.


he has not yet taken the blood test. He gives money for the children but the babymomma got mad because she found out he was dating someone else and applied for child support.

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    Who sent the letter? The court? Does the court stipulate that he he either report at a specific time-place for the blood tests (DNA testing) or deliver test results to the court? Or is the letter from an attorney? Was it sent certified mail or by service of process (marshal)?

    The court cannot order child support without either acknowledgment of paternity or proof of paternity (DNA tests). It appears that this is underway. He will have to handle testing before he goes on his trip, or else have an attorney argue for delay until after his scheduled business trip (if it's vacation or voluntary, he cancels his trip, most likely).

    He's not yet in any database for "deadbeat dads" which would interfere with obtaining a passport (if he's not a US citizen, he cannot obtain a US passport anyway) or travel overseas. But it looks like that's the way things are headed unless he wishes to move back to his country of citizenship immediately and let her try to sue for child support internationally. He would not be the first to commit parenthood then try to escape providing for his child. If he didn't want one, he needed to put a lid on it. Too late now - he scrwd up, quite literally.

    • I am a tab bit late on my response but thank you so much. He ended up going to court and asking for the test. Thanks again!

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    There is nothing to stop him from traveling out of the US. If there is a date set for the paternity/DNA test, he can always ask for it to be rescheduled.

    Until there is a valid court order for child support, and he gets at least $1000 behind and the child support agency puts a block on his passport, he is allowed to travel whenever he wishes.

    • Thank you for your response (my reply four years later) He is on child support now and was able to travel outside of the county.

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