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Will there be an earthquake in california today march 20 2011?

So I just read there was going to be a big earthquake in sf today and I was wondering if I should be worrying please answer soon haven't gone to sleep since I heard this news

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    Sure. There are quakes in CA everyday.

    There have already been 20 in the last hour.

    This is normal.

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    Yeah, the dude who predicted the 1989 earthquake says a big one is supposed to happen somewhere between March 19th - March 25th. which is just my luck because I'm going to a Lady GaGa concert, lol.

    But anyway, he was like, "THE BIG ONE IS COMING. IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN MARCH 19TH." But it didn't, obviously. And, as you noticed, it was hella raining the past two days, but now it's sunny (at least, where i live, which is Marin County, about a 40 minute drive from sf.)

    No one can accurately predict earthquakes. Scientists have been trying to perfect this practice, but obviously haven't. So all we can do is hope for the best and be prepared for when it comes!

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    Im not sure if theres gunna be an E quake but everyone lets just pray to god there wont be and dont panic. Just be prepared think about "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF AN EARTHQUAKE HAPPEND" so u can be prepared and dont send UR kids to school just for this week! or there is always plan B SMOKEE WEEEDD AND U WILL FEEL NATURAL :P

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    No one can predict an earthquake. so it could happen now or 2 yrs or more. just seriously repent from ur sins and start going to church,the lord is our just think abt where your going after dying. but yea just try to forget abt it.

    Source(s): god is good
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    nope dats just balony!! there feeding you first of all EVER SINCE THE japan inciddent ppl have been speculating that cali is next NEWSFLASH 4 ya when it happend in haiti & chile they said the same thing...neways you can go 2 sleep tonight :p

    *it will happen when it happens*

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    We need to get right with god and repent for are sins we are living in the last days this is in the bible please pay attion the time is near go to a church and pray that changes things

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    if the clouds look like they were painted on the sky. then that means something is gonna happen

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    Simple answer: No.

    No one can predict earthquakes.

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    fo show but look at the bright side I haz cookies

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    Ha ha , fuckjng hardcore.

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