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Pokemon White team for Elite Four, please rate?

I am just about to tackle the elite four in pokemon white for the first time, i beat all 8 gyms the first time i tried with this team but im not sure how ill do in the elite four. can you please rate my team and suggest any improvements i should make?

1.Uzfezant lvl. 44, knows Air Slash, Air Cutter, Fly, and Quick Attack

2. Simipour lvl. 45, knows Bite, Cut, Rock Smash, and Surf

3. Cofagrigus lvl. 45, knows Curse, Facade, Guard Split, and Shadow Ball

4. Throh lvl. 45, knows Vital Throw, Revenge, Circle Throw, and Strength

5. Vannilish lvl. 44, knows Icy Wind, Mirror Shot, Avalanche, and Ice Beam

6. Serperior lvl. 46, knows Slam, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, and Giga Drain

About an hour ago I caught Thunderous lvl 40 so should I substitute one of my existing party pokemon for it?

thanks :D

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ok listen up now. Wait for the other people. First this is important. Here are some tips first. Get higher level pokemon to take care of the elite four. The first's pokemon are higher level than yours. I also agree with the other guy that answered. YOu should keep your best pokemon in charge. When it gets low hp switch it with a pokemon that can withstand a few attacks. Use the time to revive and heal ur main pokemon/pokemons. Also stock up on revives and hyper potions. It'll help. And remember to have a variety of different types of pokemon. Not like only 6 grass types. It could be a weakness. Next I only have 4 gym badges but I have the pokemon strategy guide for black and white. So I know much. NOw here's info about the elite four which Im sure you can get from many places too.

    Shauntal, expert in ghost pokemon, first of the elite:

    FOllowing poke:

    Cofaggrigus level 48. I will keep the attacks at mystery for fun.

    Jellicent level 48.

    Golurk level 48.

    Chandelure (my favorite from these) level 50.

    Grimsley part two. Expert in dark pokemon.

    Scrafty level 48.

    Liepard level 48.

    Krookodile level 48.

    Disharp level 50.

    Caitlin part three. Expert in psychic pokemon.

    Reuniclus level 48.

    Musharna level 48.

    Sigilyph level 48.

    Gothitelle level 50.

    Marshall part four and last part of ELITE not champion. Expert in fighting types.

    Throh level 48.

    Sawk level 48.

    Conkeldurr level 48 (THIS ONE IS AWESOME).

    Mienshao level 50. Last one.

    If you need anything e-mail me.

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  • obey
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Pokemon White Elite Four Rematch

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  • 9 years ago

    Don't substitute the Thunderous for anyone on your team. Thunderous isn't that great and I beat the Elite Four with a lvl 54 Victini and 56 Serperior so you don't need a whole lot to get through the Elite Four. focus more on beating N and Ghetis. And the only change I would make is swapping Throh for Sawk. Sawk's attack is better and he's faster and will tear through the Dark one like it's nothing.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well i actually just beat the elite four for the first time today, so ill tell you my team:

    Haxorus, lvl 49

    Samurott lvl 50

    Darmanitan lvl 50

    Zweilous lvl 52

    Braviary lvl 56

    Zekrom lvl 50 (you get him before you challenge N and ghetsis, but before i had zekrom i had a level 49 Krokodile)

    With the party you have right now, i'd say you need to level up your pokemon a bit cuz the elite four all have level 47-50. And N and Ghetsis have level 52s and 54s.

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  • 9 years ago

    Me too, i just beat the 8th gym leader and i would like to also know if my team is ready for the elite four.

    1. Samurott lvl. 52, knows Water Pulse, Razor Shell, Aqua Tail, and Slash

    2. Victini lvl. 45, knows Confusion, Flame Charge, Flame Burst, and Headbutt

    3. Beartic lvl. 43, knows Icy Wind, Icicle Crash, Brine, and Slash

    4. Darmanitan lvl. 42, knows Fire Punch, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm, and Thrash

    5. Excadrill lvl. 41, knows Rock Slide, Dig, Hone Claws, and Earthquake

    6.Carracosta lvl. 40, knows Aqua Jet, AncientPower, Brine, and Surf

    and also should i replace carracosta with a lvl. 38 (shiny) gigalith

    7. Gigalith lvl. 38, knows Rock Slide, Iron Defense, Smack Down, and Power Gem

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I beat the elite four with a level 60 starter, and then 5 level 39 Boldore, Basically when my 60 starter got low on HP/PP i would substitute in a Boldore, who endures one hit so i can revive and give max ether/ether/hyper potion etc. You're overthinking it. But if you must use that team i'd reccommend getting all the pokemon up to ~47

    Source(s): exp
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  • 9 years ago

    ive been hearing the Krokorock's evolved from is the best to use on the elite four. Try to play to their weaknesses. Theres Ghost, Dark, Psychic, and Fighting. (remember you can pick the order you fight them in)

    use Dark/Ghost on the ghost chick Cofagrigus

    use Fighting/Bug on the dark person Throh

    use Dark/Bug on the psychic Simipour for bite? then tank with the others and pray?

    use Flying/psychic on the fighting Uzfezant

    overall, other than the psychic, you probably wont have much trouble at all, so i think you'll be fine

    Source(s): i used Cofagrigus, Sawk, Samurott, Uzfezant, Fraxure, and Galvantula my first time
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  • umm my party seems to under lvled to me and i was thinking of geting them to lvl 54 before i did the elite four my first time so heres my party

    victini lvl 48

    serperior lvl 48

    fraxure lvl 45

    druddigon lvl 50

    rufflet lvl 45

    deino lvl 49

    so i was wondering who should i replace or if i should try to beat them and where is the easyist place to train my pokemon (i havent beat the elite four yet) so any tips would be helpful

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