Is the Memphis PR15D4V2 subwoofer 1 ohm stable??? Help fast!?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Subs don't have to be stable anything they are what creates the resistance in the first place. What you need to worry about stability is your amplifier. No matter how you wire that subwoofer the lowest ohm load you can get is 2 ohms first of all. Thats the the D4 in the PR15D4V2 stands for, Dual 4 ohm voice coil. So if you asking does it run 1 ohm? no, a pair of them would tho if u wired each sub in parallel and then wired those together in parallel. Subs don't have variable ohm loads that are what put the resistance onto the amp so if they are 2 ohms your amp will put out two ohms. If they run 1 ohm your amp will run 1 ohm, and so on. As it sits you will get 2 ohms if you wire your one sub in parallel which isn't going to damage it or anything it just means your only going to put out about half of what your amp can put out. Thats assuming your amp is 1 ohm stable.

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