Who are the United States' greatest allies and biggest enemies?

I know we're really allies with a ton of NATO/UN countries, but are there a few that we have a real good relationship with? Like that have a good army and would defend us if we were attacked again?

And for enemies...pretty self explanatory...countries that hate us the most?

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    I thing the united states of america is our enemies On earth because there is agreat races to those who are looking for Jobs IN united states of america I thing that is why the people who are coming to united states of america their first and last opportuntiy is just to Know that it's agood time for them to united states of america for to spent their life with work and to spent money for what they are looking for . I thing the united today does Not understand Immigrants who will like to spent agood time In their land by trying to benefit for what is possible untill they see they real get out of poverty and still have the chance that american have and have agood money to spent for what they looking it's great for them . If you will like to Know How american doing avery bad Job with Immigrants who are looking their life is good to spent In america It's tootaly different with what they look In americ because america toady does Not have jobs that will help Immigrants to work and save money to leave the same way american live many people In america are facing poverty ,because they have Jobs that will pay them alot of money to spent for what ever reasoan and Know that is it's time for them to wait for future mybe there for will be another generation to Know them they are By now it's agood for them to live rich and you today the rich people any where In the world are Known well they have their time to live at any time and tell the world that they are safe .

    I thing it's time for united states to Know what to do on Immigrants who No that america is the land of aopportuntiy because you will find the job you are looking for ,america is the land of Opportunity because you will find you will have money and buy acar you are looking for I thing that is why too many people are like america for freedom like, also american government has an opportuntiy to spent mopney for american devolopment and try to build economic and diplomatic relations with other they look will make sence to look for what ever possible today or soon , there for why too many people in somewhere looks like the united states will do what it takes to do what they look will build the deolopment and the country greater ,it's time for the world to realize that if you have aproblem in your country and you have agood education to come to United states for work if american Know your experince you will find asuccessfull jobs that will make you alot of money and be good to exceed poverty . the most Importnat strealegy for the united states of america is Just to help stop the races In jobs because today there is No Immigrants come to united states of america have jobs , it's time for the uniteds to stop saying for people to stop lies them so it's time for them to establish law that is Important for Immigrants to Know that they have No races In jobs when you live in united states I thing you experience is the most Importnat tool for you , It's time for american to Know that it's time for citizens to Know there is No races In public serivces to live in ahouse and go to work Immigrants will find aplace to work when there the land available and jobs , do you believe that there is Immigrants come to united states for work but the united states hate them and prevent them to find agood life I thing it's Importnat for united states to use logic that is give people Opportuntiy to realize am I have an experince or education for the job I am looking for or Not if so I thing there is many help people can go to school with and use the agreat language that will make them to try something else .

    today the united states biggest allies and enemies are american them because the war In iraq and afganistan has defeat american because they destry people economic In there iraq was the country that was big country with alot of too many worker and co -aletion like them to work there and have agood economic there for people refused to go back when they so the united states has No opportuntiy to give it to the people who are looking for great Income today they do Know that it's Importnat for them to locate what is importnat to have abetter economic .right the american worker will review their policy on Immigrants who are looking for better jobs and better eduction to put great future budget's for those who are looking for better tommorow - thank suliman abdalla utah

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    Israel and America have equal mentality approximately politics and their friendship may be very historic in historical past,no longer Israel and America however Jewish and America. Turkey under no circumstances been America's best friend however America's puppet.Our fingers tied after Marshall Act got here into our nation. Whatever i dont realize Jordan however Turkey will also be best friend of America in media however in worldwide field matters are extraordinary.In Middle East,Israel is the fundamental nation who secretly manipulating entire politics on this field.Actually Greater Middle East Initiative's fundamental cause is to create Greater Israel in Middle East and make America extra robust in there.Because so much of oil assets on the earth is in Middle East.

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