Should Undertaker go for a 4-Man Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 28 next year?

I mean, from the latest rumor it looks like Taker's staying till WM 30. That means he'll go 20-0 next year, but even if he defeats HHH again this year he'll only defeat 17 men:

1. Jimmy Snuka (WM 7)

2. Jake Roberts (WM 8)

3. Giant Gonzales (WM 9)

4. King Kong Bundy (WM 11)

5. Diesel (WM 12)

6. Sid (WM 13)

7. Kane (WM 14 & WM 20)

8. Big Boss Man (WM 15)

9. Triple H (WM 17...and soon WM 27)

10. Ric Flair (WM 18)

11. Big Show (WM 19)

12. A-Train (WM 19)

13. Randy Orton (WM 21)

14. Mark Henry (WM 22)

15. Batista (WM 23)

16. Edge (WM 24)

17. Shawn Michaels (WM 25 & 26)

I mean, next year he's gonns go 20-0 so it's only proper if he actually defeats 20 men not less (just like at WM 18 against Flair. He rose his 10 fingers indicating 10-0 and 10 men, not less).

And to go 20-0 with 20 victims he's got three people to beat. I'm thinking, why not book him in 4-Man Battle Royal against three credible main eventers?

If it were up to u, who'll u book as his three opponents? State why for each.

My own personal pick would be:

1. Jericho (a must)

2. Punk (also a must)

3. Can be anyone credible enough (meaning at least they've won one world title), that means Del Rio or Miz or Gaymus or Swagger or Morrison if he wins a world title this year.

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    A battle Royal at Wrestlemania with Undertaker's streak on the line doesn't sound like a credible Wrestlemania match to be. Especially since it's a four man battle, I understand having it a fatal four way since it brings the streak into more danger but a battle royal doesn't interest me. But if it was Fatal Four Way I'd have the following competitors.

    - CM Punk

    - Alberto Del Riot

    - John Morrison

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    Sorry, notwithstanding the Miz? heavily? I do agree that Cena vs Rock must be a decision, yet all that nonsense will likely blow over by utilising then. contained in the WWE, feuds very last a lengthy time period, yet they ultimately get placed onto the back burner. Which leaves Cena. i imagine John Cena vs The Undertaker ought to really be some thing. i'd pay $50 to observe it. Jericho? i don't think of Jericho's coming back each and every time quickly. And beside, The Undertaker needs a challenge. it is honestly complicated to inform, yet i don't think of Undertaker will be going right into a perilous 4 tournament at Wrestlemania. merely my opinion. yet, if he does, it needs to be poeple that pose a huge gamble. you're saying no to Randy Orton because Taker has beat him at WM already, yet he's gotten a lot more suitable. At this element in his carrer, i'm confident that he's solid adequate to triumph over all of us. For the third individual, I honestly have not a clue. yet i understand The Miz must be a shaggy dog tale selection, as ought to CM Punk. The Undertaker is iconic. mythical. the human beings who face him at WM, and try to end the streak, needs to be those who're solid adequate to finish that. imagine about it: Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, and (insert different nameless third individual the following) it will be astounding. And, regardless of if there is not a perilous 4, John Cena vs Undertaker ought to certainly be solid adequate. Cena would not get adequate props. He pours his heart and soul contained in the WWE, and also i imagine it ought to take a guy who under no circumstances provides as a lot as end the streak.

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    A Battle Royal ?

    No, The Undertaker's streak is too serious for a Battle Royal . Maybe a Fatal 4 Way Match, but that puts his streak is much jeopardy . So I''d say keep it to the singles matches .

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    Nope, you should go for a big stop of being obsessed with Undertaker and WM!

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    no, a fatal 4 way between Punk, Jericho, and Cena

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    he should go against kane in his final wm

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    you see Swagger as a credible opponent for takers streak?


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