Where & when to see super moon in NYC tonight?

I live on Staten Island and have a west-facing apartment. I understand that the moon is to be visible right at sunset, but in what part of the sky? Yes, I am stupid about this. I don't usually look for celestial phenomena when they occur, because I don't have the equipment that's usually needed and then the night sky here is so artificially bright. But the supermoon I can do. In what part of the sky will it rise?


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    The moon will rise over New York at 19:27 EDT

    The moon will be at the closest approach to the earth at 19:10 GMT which is I believe EDT is four hours behind GMT which will mean you will have missed the so-called super moon by around 4 hours. Not that it will make a noticeable difference. The moon will not change size by any noticeable amount in four hours but then the so-called super moon will not look any more impressive than any other lunar perigee which happens every month.

    The difference in apparent diameter of the moon between this perigee and last month's perigee will be around 0.5% and the difference between a typical perigee and a typical apogee is just 14%.

    A perigee means the closest approach of any satellite (including the moon) to the earth. Peri = towards gee = earth. An apogee is the furthest a satellite (including the moon) gets from the earth apo = from gee = earth.

    Don't expect anything spectacular.

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    The answer is..

    The super moon is just as full moon as you have seen yesterday. There is no difference for the full moon on 18 March and That of 19th march 2011.

    We have seen in Asia a6 6:30 pm IST [+5GMT] , you will see just after 12 hours at evening 6:30 pm.

    It will appear to you as general big full moon rising in the east in the eastern sky, and it will become small after 2 hours as you will see rising high towards middle of the sky.

    It is just a common phenomena you observe it daily with sun seen as big disk at sunrise and sunset time .and smaller at noon overhead.

    Source(s): Moon phases
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    Just look at the sky. I saw it just now. I am from Singapore by the way. And, it is as bright as one giant spotlight.

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