How do i send a complaint to the Chex Mix company?

This might sound stupid, but there were only three little brown pumpernickels in the Original flavor bag. I like them :( so what's the address i can send a letter to or website i can leave a complaint on?


thanks, Rachel. :P i coudn't find it on the bag.

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    You could email General Mills at this link:

    Or call this number: 1-800-328-1144

    Or mail to this address:

    General Mills, Inc.

    P.O. Box 9452

    Minneapolis, MN 55440

    Hope this helps(:

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    By email or sent a letter. I complained to Dole once when a bag of salad I bought only had 2 snap peas in it. They sent me a coupon for a free bag and several coupons for 50 cents off. The address is on the package. If you don't the bag, write it down when your in the store again by looking on a bag

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    There is a 1-800 number on the bag as well as the address

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    yes cheddar cheese and original the brown ones (ya know the darker chex squares) nothing, i love food...everything that wasn't cooked by my mother in law ( i still think she is trying to poison me)

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    Contact General Mills Consumer Services

    Questions? Feedback?

    We welcome your comments. For answers to common questions see FAQs

    By Email: Please use the email form below.

    By Telephone: Please call us at 1-800-328-1144 between (7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CT, weekdays)

    By Fax: Please send your fax to 1-763-764-8330.

    By Letter: You can send us a letter at our mailing address:

    General Mills, Inc.

    P.O. Box 9452

    Minneapolis, MN 55440

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