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making a compost in the ground?

if i dig a big whole and just put leaves and grass in it and then cover it back up with the dirt would that be ok? or would something happen? would it be ok or not?

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  • Lene O
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    Trying to do composting in a sealed environment defeats the purpose. The heap needs to be turned and the moisture content managed.

    The better way would be to have the pile above ground - you could dig out the sod and reuse elsewhere or chop it up and add it to the compost. If hiding the pile is a aesthetic issue, consider using a container composter - a trashcan with coin size holes cut into the sides and bottom. You put the materials in, secure the lid -bungee cords work well, and then roll on the ground every couple of days.

    If you can't have anything showing above the ground, get an old blender at a yard sale, Put your kitchen waste in with a small amount of water, blend. In the yard, dig a trench a few inches deep and pour the slurry in; add some sherdded paper or chopped dry leaves.and cover loosely. Try to dig and mix the spot at least once a week.,

    So to recao, composting needs green materials (fruit and veggie waste) brown materials (clean shredded paper or leaves, or dry grass), exposure to air, management of moisture, and some time for the earth to do the rest of the work.

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    It would be fine, this is a form of "trench composting". Wetting the leaves first would help--they should be damp, but not soaking wet. That way, they don't have to soak up water from the soil, which will delay composting, especially if the soil is dry. You can also layer in some kitchen scraps.

    A lot of old gardeners do this in a place where they plan to plant a fruit tree or shrub the next year. Dig a hole a couple feet deep, and layer in grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps (no meat or you're likely to attract animals), along with a couple shovelfuls of soil over each layer. Cover the hole with a board or trash can lid to keep critters out, and anyone from accidentally stepping in it or falling in it. When the top of the "pile" is 8" from the ground level, fill the rest of the hole with dirt and leave it for 6 months to a year. It will sink in a few inches as the material decomposes, so you should throw more dirt on to keep it level with the ground around it. When you're ready to plant, dig the compost out of the hole, and use it to backfill around the roots of the fruit tree or shrub.

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    you have to worry about the density of the debris you bury, because if there are air pockets those air pockets will form sink holes, and sink holes can lead to gaping holes in the ground, if you make a drive way over it your car can fall into it....it makes it hard to hide a body lol

  • duke D
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    you dont reaaly need a hole. just make a pile and mix it up every month or so. the key is: there must be

    moisture so the plant material will decompose.

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