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Why I'm an Atheist. Are these good reasons/opinions?

These are reasons why I'm an Atheist:

Point #1: There is no proof that god exists. At all.

Point #2: Everyone would like to think that after they die they'll go to a "better place" it's comforting to think that we'll be able to see all of our loved ones who passed away. It gives us closure. But maybe there isn't, and for some people that is hard to accept. Nobody wants to believe that after we die, that's it, nothing else. It's a scary thought, even for me.

Point #3: It's also comforting to think that their is a higher power at work, that god already has our lives mapped out for us, and that we don't need to worry, because ultimately he'll always lead us down the right path.

Point #4: Faith is a very powerful thing, and so is the mind. I think that when you believe in something so strongly, things can start to go to your head. EX: "Feeling the spirit"

Point #5: Also, everyone wants someone who will love them unconditionally, no matter what they do. And will forgive them, no matter what their sin is.

If god performed all these "miricles" way back when, why can't he do it now? Because, the way this world is looking now, we need one.

I honestley don't believe that there is some big magical guy watching over everyone on this earth, making everything happen, it just sounds like BS to me.


I used to believe in god. But not anymore.

And no, I don't worship the devil. I don't believe there is a god, so I don't believe there's a devil either.


Libyana, I'm just trying to have a discussion. Others opinions are welcome. Even the bad ones. I just want to hear what people think.

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    Here are ten I found a couple years ago online:

    1) Supernatural explanations are ALWAYS replaced by natural explanations:

    All of these things were once attributed to god(s) or spirits: floods, hurricanes, the existence and movement of the Sun, Moon and stars, the tides, earthquakes, disease and health, success or failure of crops, rain or drought, tidal waves, eclipses, why children look like their parents, the diversity of life. ALL of them have since been explained as our understanding of the natural world has improved.

    Number of natural explanations replaced by supernatural explanations: zero.

    2) Inconsistency of world religions:

    If God is so important and ever-present in our lives, why can't anybody agree on anything about God? If God is not important or ever-present, why does God matter?

    3) Arguments for God are always weak:

    The arguments presented by religious people fall into the same categories: argument from authority (God exists because the Bible says so), argument from personal experience (I just KNOW God exists), and special pleading (God is above being questioned). None of these are based on logic or evidence.

    4) God keeps shrinking:

    In the Old Testament, God parted seas and made worlds. Now God seems to only give comfort to a few individuals, magically craft the occasional bacterial flagellum, and put his image on toast or tree bark.

    5) Religion comes from parents:

    Children may learn more about subjects than their parents, may have differing views about so many things (politics, social issues, etc.). But religion is almost always chosen, not by the individual, but by the individual's parents.

    6) All components of the "soul" are affected by physical things:

    Consciousness, identity, personality, character, emotions - these can all be affected by drugs, brain injuries, etc. So all appear to be based on physical mechanisms. No supernatural component is required. No supernatural soul means no afterlife.

    7) Nothing supernatural has EVER withstood testing:

    When someone claiming paranormal powers or a paranormal event agrees to have it tested, they ALWAYS fail and almost always claim the test was unfair. If gods are supernatural, and if no claim of supernatural has EVER survived testing, why should I believe in gods?

    8) Most claims of an all-powerful god aren’t stable.

    Reality can be tested. A reality-based idea can be proved true or false. But a divine being with no physical form whose actions are indistinguishable from random natural phenomena cannot be tested or falsified. Knowledge or worship of God provides no useful predictions. A small coastal town full of simple, religious villagers is just as likely to get wiped off the map by a tsunami as a big city full of atheists. And if the divine being's actions are indistinguishable from random nature, why bother to worship him/her/it/them?

    9) Our understanding of God never improves:

    2000 years ago we had a bunch of different religious factions, all bickering or warring over their different interpretations of their gods. That is exactly what we have today. Our understanding of God never improves because there's nothing to understand. But over the same time period, our understanding of the natural world has grown:

    - from huddling around a wood fire to harnessing the power of the atom;

    - from witch doctors to eradicating smallpox and polio;

    - from astrology to the Hubble Telescope;

    - from mud huts to skyscrapers;

    - from camels to Airbus;

    - etc...

    10) Complete lack of evidence

    If a powerful god wishes our worship, he/she/it need only part a sea, write in the sky or do SOMETHING sufficiently grand and inexplicable, and all religions would unite, all bickering would cease, and all atheists would pray. If a giant voice boomed across the Earth and said "You must protect the planet, must never have more than 2 children, must help a person in need every day, and must stop burning coal and oil within 5 years or I will smite you all", the entire planet would unite in common purpose.

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    #1 There is reason to believe there is a Creator. You don't wish to give it ground.

    #2 "maybe there isn't" doesn't sound like conviction. Unscientific.

    #3 Yes, it is comforting. Strange how all over the world, no matter what society, the same idea is there. Intrinsic. Why?

    #4 Don't take catholicism, nor protestantism as an example of faith. Their's is a blind faith, worth nothing. Faith should be based on knowledge.

    #5 God does not love unconditionally. That's more cr*p from the C's + P's.

    God can perform miracles now. He chooses not to. Why? He wants your power of reason, not your awe over parlor tricks.

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    You don't seem so sure of your conclusions, Would you like someone to tell you that you're 100 percent right? It can't happen only you can come to that realization.

    I, for one, believe that God exists but trying to convince you isn't going to change anything. You are not giving both sides of the coin a shot, maybe you have I don't know, but if you haven't, I suggest doing a little more research you may be surprised how enlightened you are.

    Give faith one more shot, it's more rewarding than logic sometimes. It doesn't make you dumb it makes you see the world in a less rigid and calculating way.

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    God is examining us. This Life is a test.

    If suppose everyone are thinking like you... means NO GOD.. God not Exist. Then who is there for a guidance.

    Your Mother taught you how to behave with others... It means we need a guidance. So who can give you the guidance.. who taught your mother how to behave.. and who taught you grandmother......

    So we need a guidance from our existence.

    He is doing Miracles now a days too.. See around the things. See the Sun, See the Moon.. They are doing their work without any rest. Our body is a Miracle... see the body parts How they are doing their work even when you are in Sleep. If all parts go to sleep then what happen... think about this. The Stars, the Moon, The Earth....

    God Exist... There are so many proofs about the existence of God in Quran. Mostly we think that without the existence of God we are doing everything. Thats wrong. I am a Muslim. I know Allah exists. Without His existence we can't be created.

    Shahadah.. that is to say... "There is no True God But ALLAH."

    Here you can see there is no TRUE GOD... it means whatever be they named about the other Gods they are only human beings and some are Myth.

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    This is a good list and way more than you should need. Without indoctrination by our caretakers and social pressures even the weakest BS detector would cause one to dismiss all supernatural claims out of hand.

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    Good points.

    I wonder what happened to all those millions of people who died without knowing this God. Are they in hell?

    I wonder about all the millions of people that died in his name and the crimes committed using his name.

    I wonder why the descendants of Noah strayed away til Abraham was called. Abraham was not a Jew. Jesus was not Christian.

    So many holes in this Christian belief system. (Stoning, infanticide, killing the innocent).

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    Pretty much

    Gods, heavens, hells, navel-less people, talking snakes, old men in boats with animals, in an impossible flood...... all are pretend stuff for adults, just like Santa, and The Easter Bunny are pretend stuff for kids.

    Source(s): common sense.
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    Dear have provided some sound reasons for your lack of faith. Good for you. Now, it's time to really research non-belief and it's justifications........get busy, sweetie!

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    those are my reasons too! just because u dont believe in god doesnt mean u cant b a good person! if u dont believe in god, thats fine, its just who u are! and if we are wrong, and there is god and heaven.. since god is so good, hel forgive us and let us in ;)

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    Sounds like someone went to science class!

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