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Makeup tips for one with blue eyes?

Their natural eye color is generally a blue-gray, with more of the blue overpowering the gray in my eyes. But in the summer, my eyes change colors since there are so many different light textures so they become teal, ice blue, all these sick colors.

Anyhow, I usually use black mascara, but apparently black mascara kind of makes my eyes less blue (according to my friend, she's an expert at this) and I should use more brown mascaras.

So, I'm planning on going to a makeup store soon. I'm not a big makeup biggy, I'm more into fashion, but I'm trying to kind of improve my look and make myself look older because I'm 15 but I look more on the 13 year old side.

What are some cool eyeshadow palette colors that would be girl for my blue eyes? How about eyeliner and mascara colors? May you link me up some pictures?

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    The tone and intensity of the color is as important as the color itself. If you have fair coloring and light blue eyes, you need to stick with lighter colors, as darker or more intense colors will overpower your eyes and you will look overly made up. If you have darker coloring and darker blue eyes you can get away with the more intense shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

    While there is no single eye makeup color that is considered best for blue eyes, there are several eye makeup colors that will show off your baby blues.

    If you are so fair that you have blonde or very light eye lashes, you would most likely be better off to stick with brown mascara and eyeliner, as the blacks will be too overwhelming. If you eyelashes are naturally dark you can wear black eye liner and mascara - always follow mother nature's lead!

    Dark blue (think navy) mascara and eyeliner is a good alternative to black and not only gives a slightly softer look, it can really emphasize the color of your eyes.

    Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

    Pink or Peach colored eye shadow will accentuate the blue in your eyes. Go with a pink or peach all over your lid and add a darker color to the crease if you want a more defined look.

    Other eye shadow colors that will compliment blue eyes are purples - violets, lilac, etc and greys, even metallic grey and silver.

    Neutrals like taupe and soft browns can always be used, though don't go too dark with the browns. The best way to find your very best individual look is to experiment until you find the look you are looking for, but for a general rule you should stay away from blue and green eye shadows.

    There are really no hard and fast rules about color eye shadows to wear if you have blue eyes. You can match your eye shadow to your clothing or go with netural colors.

    Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

    Eye makeup for blue eyes depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the shade of blue in your eyes, your skin tone, and of course your overall outfit. In addition, the other makeup you wear needs to tie into whatever colors and effects you utilize on your eyes. For example, if you've gone dramatic with lipstick, you'll probably want your eye makeup to be smoky or relatively neutral.

    Eye Shadow:

    There was a time when blue eye shadow wasn't recommended for blue eyes. However, picking good blue tones can actually bring out various hues that naturally occur in your eyes. Other colors that seem effective in eye makeup for blue eyes include purple, turquoise, dark blue, violet, gray and of course natural colors.

    For smoky eyes turn to camel, dark brown, charcoal, or copper.

    Makeup For Blue Eyes: Eye Liner & Highlights

    Unlike green-eyed women, you can wear black eyeliner. You can also wear blue. For highlighter, silver metallic, violet and lavender work (particularly on light-haired women). Lavender in the crease of your eyelid give a strong dramatic appeal but that's best utilized at night. If you have red hair, use colors that have some brown in them. Note that you can sometimes wear gold tones too.

    For mascara – consider dark blue (depending on the rest of the look you're creating). This can look almost black but help accent the blue in your eyes.

    Applying Blue Eye Makeup

    Finding the best eye makeup for blue eyes is often a matter of experimentation. Don't be afraid to try blending different colors, or trying different looks. Each occasion has a slightly different style that should be reflected in your eyes. Nights on the town can be bold, while a day at the office generally requires neutral tones.

    Be patient. No one becomes an eye makeup expert overnight!

    Shopping for Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

    If you don't feel confident choosing your best eye shadow colors, you may want to check out these POP beauty eye shadow palettes for blue eyes.

    The deluxe palette is called "Eye Class for Blue Eyes", it comes with step-by-step instructions to create different looks. The shades included are: Dark Purple, Burgundy Shimmer, Deep Brown Shimmer, Taupe Sheen, Lavender Sheen, Fuchsia Sheen, Champagne Sheen, Neutral Rose Sheen, Golden Ivory Sheen, Camel Sheen, Pink With Gold Glitter, And Peach With Gold Glitter.

    There are also several nice smaller palettes, called Eye Cakes, which include five complimentary shades, each developed for a specific eye color or look.

    Naked Blue Eyes includes semi-matte shades of nude, jet black, mocha and white, and a shimmery bronze shade.

    Bright Blues includes shimmery shades of silver-blue, bright blue liner, turquoise, mint-blue and aqua.

    Teal Eyes includes shimmery shades of aqua, deep turquoise liner, bright turquoise, sea green and pewter.

    Bright Pink includes shades of rosy pink, slate gray liner, princess pink, deep pink and baby pink.

    Peaches includes glimmering shades of bubblegum pink, warm apricot liner, tangerine, dusty pink and golden lemon.

    ~Lexi :P :) :O D:D

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    The way to bring out the blue in your eyes would be to use grey, as you say you have flecks of grey. To bring out the predominant colour of your eyes, you should never wear the same colour eye-liner as your eyes, and instead pick out less noticeable colours. Sounds strange, but apparently it works!

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    brown everything my eyes r the same as urs so i went to target and they have a section for eyemakeup and it has a section for blue green and brown eyes blue eyes is mostly all brown with a hint of blue.....just i think brown makes blue eyes POP so i hope this


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    I analyzed Hanna's makeup from Pretty Little Liars. (She has blue eyes) And she wears brown eyeshadows, and black eyeliner to help bolden her blue eyes.

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    Watch the link to see Hanna's eye makeup tutorial.(: It helps alot.

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