On the basis of pure Musical preference, how much do you have in common with your Contacts?

It is not my intention to exclude anyone from answering, Contact or not, but it is my feeling that we pick Contacts on the basis of admiration of their expertise/admiration/passion on certain Bands or Artistes and Music types, rather than sharing a mutual "Top 10 List".

What would be your opinions? A Question prompted by a Smoochee Question.

Thank you


@Burning of the midnight lamp. Thank you for your very kind comments, which I will treat with the disdain I feel they deserve. You just don't get this site do you.

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    On average I would say little for most cases.

    Yes most of them I would say have SOME love of Metal, but even the more devout Metalheads and I tend to have heavily divergent tastes, for example:

    Darth: Primarily Classic Metal and Prog.

    Tron: Extreme Metal, w/heavy Black Influence

    Peace Sells: Prog Metal with a side order of Prog.

    Wakemeup: The More Raw and Brutal, the better.

    ShredDoktor: Over produced tinny "Faerie Tale Victory ftw" Metal.

    Brian: Tech, tech and more Tech.

    Now my love of Metal tends to cover all the above pretty evenly, except I am not hugely impressed with a lot of Technical Metal, and find that a lot of Neo-Classical and Prog to be ego gratification wankery for elitists. But the point being, that even those who are predominately into Metal and I probably miss on taste more than we hit, as Tron tends to not really care for most Power Metal. Darth cannot deal with harsh vocals. Wakemeup and Peace Sells and I totally disagree on modern Thrash, ShredDok and I disagree on the usefulness of dirty production (which can be very useful... as can clean, when applied for the right reason) most of the stuff Brian likes is huge on technique, but IMO (and nothing more) very short on actual songwriting, and I find precision and technique with no emotion utterly boring. etc, etc, etc.

    And each of them could similarly dissect my preferences and tastes.

    For the less "Metal" oriented contacts I have, like King Crimson (who I have some pretty interesting and epic debates with about modern music vs the 70s), kls81, Lady Silver Rose, etc, we don't' have a huge amount in common, but meet in the middle on certain bands or styles, but not any great number of them. I have interests in a lot of the same musical "styles" as they, but have more surface knowledge of Rock and Folk, than my generally in depth, psycho obsessive knowledge of Metal. It's funny though, how in Folk and Classic rock and the like I tend to know more about obscure bands than the more popular and mainstream of the style.

    But the reason I have them as contacts is not about "musical compatibility" but because they are people whom I regularly find give well thought out answers, and tend to be at least moderately "open minded" (well.. not sure about King Crimson or ShredDoktor... lol, jk bro!). They add in and their differences act as a compliment to my tastes and and accent and add flavor to my own musical quest. I find it laughable how many people come on here and only want sycophants and yes men to assuage their delicate egos by telling them how great their tastes are.

    Really, they exist in all sorts, but I find a large number of the Queen and Beatles fans on here seem to be that way, and a ton of people who listen to the most mainstream commercial tripe (Paramore, Panic! at eh Disco, etc, are just looking for "validation", this need for affirmation of their self esteem.

    Not that all of them are this way, just that it seems to be a vocal minority amongst them that simply cannot deal with anyone having a dissenting opinion. Heck, the most unhinged one I know is actually a fanatical Ritchie Blackmore fan, who verges on an E-stalker of the guy. You dare think anyone is a better guitarist, or mention that he is a control freak and wife beater and ZOMG!!! you get cussed roundly for a fool, and told you are a misinformed idiot.. because obviously this teenager at this stage in her life know far more about this musician than those of us who have been listening to him for 30 years, lol.

    So I would say I do pick my contacts on admiration, but I do see tons of people here that do seem to pick solely based on those who share the same band tastes, or will just agree with everything they say (such as how many Queen fans on here literally only have other people with Queen related names and avatars as contacts.) Heck, one of the guys on here I actually respect most (and I don't remember if I have him as a contact) is Sugaree, because even though we have radically different preferences in music, I find his ability to distill an answer down to it's rawest essence to be utterly fascinating. (at least, when he isn't' just trying to yank someone's chain for taking themselves WAAAAAAY to seriously, like certain members,. past and present seem to)

    Also I just noticed I never added you as a contact AtS.. mind if I rectify that? You are one of the "good guys" usually!

    ****Mind you these are rather broad generalizations, but not total stereotypes, And I certainly could be painted with my own stereotype by any of my contacts too!

  • kls81
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    10 years ago

    A fair amount but not exclusively. As examples (but not an exclusive list!), I know Punch really likes Elvis Costello, but captain futility does not (on the other hand, the captain and I have a lot of folk bands in common). I know Shades of Grey and I are both huge Warren Zevon fans, but I don't know how many other folks are. 1965 and I may well be the same person, musically! On the other hand, there are folks with whom I have less in common, like RJ (who's the only person I've ever seen also mention Foxy Shazam, however) and killer peaches, whose musical interests are very, very different than mine.

    For all these people (and the others on my contact list), though, the quality of their replies is what made me friends with them, not their musical interests. I hope my contacts think the same of me!

  • 10 years ago

    Good evening Sir J :)

    I have some {varying} degree of musical 'overlap' with all of my contacts, but it often isn't music taste that leads me to make contact with people.

    The actual reason can be different for different people, but a lot of the time it's because I like what they have to say in their answers, or the questions they ask. But sometimes, it is all about the music! A person might mention a band I don't see mentioned often, or make some interesting new suggestions, but I've never been interested in 'building fan-clubs'...

  • 10 years ago

    Well, you are much older than me, and whilst we share our passion for Hendrix, after that we tend to drift slightly apart. I do not even totally share my Wife's 110% passion for Talking Heads, but, hey, Divorce is an expensive do :(

    For me, I love to read others passions for their favourites- Bands or "genres", and whilst I can't say that I agree with all choices I still like to hear and read them. I read one Answer the other night regarding a Country Event, music I generally really do not like, but there was no way you could not appreciate the immense effort they put in to their post.

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  • 10 years ago

    there's a common ground of some kind,or a mutual hate for a particular band lol Or maybe just the appreciation of certain aspescts in life or about nature,or a spiritual connection

    Every one of my contacts are at least one,if not more of these things~~

  • 10 years ago

    it's just a huge array of overlapping circles.

    and that's the beauty of it.

    i will have some favourite bands in common with all of my contacts, but then some of them also love stuff that i hate. i am probably drawn to a common point of reference first and foremost, but i agree that a passion and understanding is very important.

    i wonder how many people would consider adding me on the basis of this song...


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  • 10 years ago

    Me...? I "pick"contacts based on the humour and/and or intelligence of the respective answer(s).

    Recently,I responded to a question that was all but unanswerable, based on the poor English that was used to pose the question.I tried to answer it, with humour, with the same poor English - and I found that the ONLY others answering the question were Top Contributors who also tried to have fun with the answer and question....I did add ALL of them to my contacts that day...))

    My musical contacts I have chosen because I found that they were very, very erudite in their area of expertise.

    I am a violinist..Here is a favorite of mine I'd like to share with you all!


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    Source(s): me,this time without the help of google or wikipedia
  • 10 years ago

    Here at Answers I'm generally drawn to people for two reasons: They ask great questions -or- I've noticed that they *love* the same stuff that I do.... I will also add someone based on one cosmic moment~ one answer that just hits me right. Can't explain those very well ;-)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i never considered musical preference when choosing a contact or accepting one that wants to connect to me. mostly they are people that get the joke, or put forth interesting concepts in their questions.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I just add who i want to add. You have some problems if you have to go into different stages before deciding whether or not to add someone. Stop taking yourself so seriously. It's just YA.

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