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Can someone please help me out that has the most recent Ok! UK magazine?

I'm from the US, and obviously don't want to pay to have the magazine shipped all the way to me. Especially just for one article. Could someone who has that issue (#768 has Josie Gibson on the cover) please tell me what the interview with Kelly Rutherford says? I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks Taylor is my BFF. :)

Update 2:

And thank you Wendy! You guys are awesome. :)

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    Kelly Rutherford is 42 years old and plays lily in gossip girl. she has also designed a range of handbags for shopping channel qvc. broke up with her husband when pregnant, but is not with anyone currently. she has previously starred in melrose place as megan lewis. she is 43 later this year. - born 1968.

    Source(s): Ok current issue,768. Wikipedia.
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    Edit: Wrong interview LOL sorry. I got messed up


    Not as good as what I found for Josie, sorry

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