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I always feel obliged to go out?

I am 21 and sometimes I have a feeling that society imposes me of my age group to go out like all the time. Well I dont. I go out ocassionally and I am not a secluded person. I do like to socialise, but other ppl I know are working, sick etc, and I dont want to go out by myself. I just feel though upset sometimes, like now because im not out and thinking that the rest are out having a good time. Have u felt that way? Is it normal?

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  • tj
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    10 years ago
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    Some folk are homebodies, preferring to invite guests over and entertain, cooking, baking, et al.

    Some folk are social butterflies. They have a need to be seen on the scene.

    Some people are loners, preferring their own company overall while reading, writing, blogging, sewing, building furniture, carving, knitting, taking photo's, crafting or working on their collections.

    If you are not a social butterfly, so be it. The time you spend with a genuine friend having a simple cuppa together is more satisfying than going out under pressure .

    I think the assumption that young people should be going out because they are young is mostly related to the income stream that young people generate.

    Alcohol, CD's, Clubs, Hair products, clothes, Tanning beds, shoes, bags, jewelry, gel nails, vehicles, smart phones - the industries that make and market the above products are counting on YOU and your peers to keep going.

  • oncale
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    4 years ago

    seems such as you're afraid to have human beings see you as you're. according to possibility you think of they are going to discover you boring. You deflect different's interest so as that they do no longer seem at you. you're actually not hollow & you could connect while you're your self. in case your loved ones is the comparable, they probable do no longer build you up or improve you with a favorable self-image. do no longer try so stressful. Be a satisfied clown in case you could desire to & you will attraction to greater suitable human beings. No-one likes their thoughts or ideals stomped on. You pronounced it your self, you do it out of ennui.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's pretty typical at your age. You dependent on others for self worth, and by not being part of the perceived action you feel your missing out ! ON, well it must be something your missing out on.

    Source(s): It happens every time, This CRAZY world of minds.
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