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What was racist about the ucla girls video?

Some girl who goes to ucla posts a video online. Now within no time at all, the same day, the video is branded "racist rant." They ask ucla students what they think of it and of course they say it's racist. One student did not see it so they show him it and he does not even finish watching and says it's bad. He said she should have not made a video about it and kept her mouth shut.

Ok I saw this video and saw nothing racist about it. She was complaining about people talking on their cellphones in the library. And being responsible for your actions. She did an impression. But if doing an impression in racist, well I guess every comedian and actor in the world is racist. In "Who's Line is it Anyways" when they do "world's worst accent" damn they must be really racist.

If you took out the impression and asian, her video would be about rude people, and lazy people. But because she involved race, she must be racist!

All she did was make 2 generalizations, and did an impression.

The problem is that these are college kids. They are very young and most are STILL children. Young people have NEVER experienced racism so when something does not go their way, they play the race card!

Did this girl lynch someone? Did she put a burning cross somewhere? Did she even use a racial slur? No all she did was OBSERVE that certain people are doing something. She generalized. Do people not know the difference between generalizing and being racist?

They are going to RUIN this girls life as they do all sane people.

The reason why it was racist was because people were offended. Not because it was offensive. It's like "they were offended so it was offensive." Not the other way around. It's like being offended that someone is painting their house some color you don't like. Well, you really have nothing to be offended by. But if you are a minority you will FIND A WAY to twist it into being racist, play the race car, and win.

It is messed up that the media made a snap decision and tricked basically CHILDREN into giving them a story. The media just stirred the pot! Went on campus and made these kids say stuff that was not true. I saw a video of a tired, sweet, innocent, good student, just venting. To the kid that did not even finish watching the video; what if at the end she said "just kidding." Damn people are stupid! He is probably the guy that writes a book report without finishing the book! Stupid move moron! "Keep her mouth shut"? What about freedom of speech? Should she have bottled it up inside and gone on a school shooting Colembine style?

She did the only thing availabe to her, make a video. The most peaceful passive way of saying something.

She is just young and stupid just like all the kids that were tricked into saying it was racist. And making a snap decision like the media. She was IN THE RIGHT! And now political correctness HAS RUINED HER LIFE! Wow, this world is coming to an end soon, when insanity pulls rank on honesty.

What she said was right, but she said it wrong and people took it REALLY wrong. Geez it's the blind leading the blind at ucla!

We really should keep our mouths shut. When we see some kid getting raped we should "keep our mouth shut" about what race they were. When we are calling for help we should "keep our mouth shut" about what the person's race is. When a doctor is trying to help a sick person that should not take their race into account, because oh, no it's RACIST. No you morons it only makes sense.

I'm pretty sure they said it was racist in order to prevent a race riot, or an international incident. It just makes no sense.

Thanks for reading this.

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    hmm...for me, a college person should know better. she's not a kid anymore.and besides, she's studying political sci right? then she should know better than to make such tactless comment/rant about a different race..." and the american way to be polite"hang on, is there a style of being polite? generally speaking, being polite is treating everyone with respect, whether they are of a different race or same race like her.

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    Ucla Racist Girl

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    Ok here it goes: It's not that she did the wrong way but she TARGETED ONE SPECIFIC GROUP. What she did was wrong because instead of actually acting like an adult, she acted like three year old child throwing a tantrum to the world and now paying the price for it. Let's not forget her comment about the Japanese tsunami. So, yes I am angry because if I was her I would not be able to walk into UCLA with my face held high. New immigrants to North America do lack manners more often than North Americans residents due to cultural differences and different societal paradigm they were exposed to. Her mocking imitation of an Asian student talking on the phone was however completely uncalled for and this is what made the video offensive.

    Her political inaccuracies, though mildly offensive has to do more of her lack of understanding of Asian immigrants than a deliberate attempt to insult Asians.

    I agree that she has a right to voice her opinion and her complaint, but academic scholars must always respect the culture and background of another.

    Whether or not she gets expelled, her academic career is pretty much finished. She is a third year political major and with the political inaccuracies and hasty generalizations in her video, her political career has ended before it even started, unintended or not it's no excuse for her to do it.

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    What was racist about the ucla girls video?

    Some girl who goes to ucla posts a video online. Now within no time at all, the same day, the video is branded "racist rant." They ask ucla students what they think of it and of course they say it's racist. One student did not see it so they show him it and he does not even finish...

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    People bash her cos of the following things she said (Not exactly as in Video for some):

    -Use American Manners

    -Hordes of Asians

    -Ching chon ling long ding dong

    -She also thinks the very family-oriented culture of Asians as something annoying (which has nothing to do with talking in library too which makes you think she just hates Asians?)

    -Asian kids can't fend for themselves cos of the above (which also has nth to do with talking in library)

    -Nice polite American girl (there's nth polite about her)

    -Go talk outside even if you're worried-sick for you family members who'd probably get hurt in Tsunami

    I know you think it's not a big deal but it may be a big deal for some people. She didn't have to keep her mouth shut to say something that she thought really was wrong. The problem with her was she said things that were really unnecessary and uncalled for. We have a saying in our country "Mouth is only 2-inches wide when you open it, but it can kill you". Still, I feel sorry for her that she had to quit UCLA and I wish she didn't have to as much as I dislike her. For me, response youtube videos for her are enough punishment.

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    It's all over Tumblr, haha. Some YouTube criticism videos have also been made, but no, I dislike her opinions in the video and I feel like she should be more open minded. I wouldn't categorize her video as comedy either.

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    maybe you didn't really listen to the video. she was targeting ONE SPECIFIC GROUP which was ASIANS. if she had talked about everyone in the library who used cell phones, then it wouldn't be racist. and she mentioned that Asians have no manners. this wasn't very mature of her. she has every right to voice her opinion but she seemed to say with hate, and posted it on youtube. also, she shouldn't have mentioned all those other things about ASIANS. you should watch the video again (if you can find a copy on youtube) and realize she's only talking about ASIANS. try watching it and imagine it's an asian talking about WHITE people.

    if you still don't think she was racist at all, then that's for you to say.

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    You think the world is coming to an end because of THIS?

    How sad. You need to watch the news more.

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