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I am a great fan of Mozilla and i fill my browser with all sorts of add-ons !! my browser in the laptop had an add-on that enabled box like 3D movement when i switched my tabs !!! May i know which add-on that was and i cant find it !! my laptop is not working now and so i have a new one !! but i want that add-on !!! CAN ANY ONE HELP !!! THANKS ALL IN ADVANCE :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    If i were to guess id say it was this one:

    Also useful addons: WOT, ABP, better privacy, speed dial, imacros, ie tab (so you can view IE only pages while in firefox, you need ie installed for this to work), download statusbar. Those are ones i use.

    Also id recommend Firefox 4, its a major improvement over 3.6:

    EDIT: o wow, well i guess thanks for bringing this up, it seems the foxtab now has a similar thing to speeddial in it, so i can drop speeddial for this :3

    And you can go to addons > foxtab > options > general and set the top sites to be your home page and to open in new tabs (which is why i used speed dial).

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  • 9 years ago

    FoxTab or Cooliris check those out.

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