Travel from Brasov, Romania to Paris, France?

I'm taking a trip to Romania, but I plan to fly back to the States from Paris, France.

I will be in Brasov, Romania. Does anyone know how long it will take to reach Paris, France? (I need to know so I can book my hotel in Paris accordingly). I've heard it takes about 40-50 hours, but not sure how accurate the info is.

How much should I budget for this leg of my trip (train rides from Brasov, Romania, to Paris, France)? I can't find a link to any Romanian train schedules/pricing, and I have no idea how much it will even cost to reach, let's say, Germany from Brasov.

One final thing...I'm considering making a 1- or 2-day stop in if you know of a route that would take me thru Croatia first, that would be great additional info. But I'm not sure on this, because I may not have enough time/money....just want to know what all my options might be.

Any help or advice would be great. Thank you!

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    I give you the link to the German rail planner, in English, as it can find times for most trains in Europe and is easy to use. It can only find prices for trains in Germany, and some border crossing trains, so if you like the timings, you will have to find an other site for the prices.

    Enter the stations you want to travel between and adjust the time to when you want to travel.

    I found for Brasov - Paris the trains take 30 to 40 hours, some with just two changes, some with more.

    Check that the connection you select does travel through the night, the site does sometimes show connections that have you waiting for 5 hours in the night, from the last train on one day to the first on the next, not what you want.

    And remember that for night trains you always need a reservation, for day trains often for the long distance trains but not for 'local' trains, on this site the trains are marked with two different R's or not at all, showing whether reservations are compulsory or just advised, or not needed/possible.

    This page shows you the travel from London to Romania, via Paris as one option, you can use that information for your travel.

    And when prices are given as a 'from' option, you will have to book 3 months before travel to get that price. Seat 61 mostly gives places to buy your tickets on the page with the information, but the site also has a 'buy rail tickets' option in the header of the page. And a page on rail passes, like Eurail, but I guess that for you point to point tickets will be much cheaper.

    If you want to add more stops on your journey, which is a good idea, you can just enter the 'in between' stop as one of the two to search between, or you can add a 'via' city on the rail planner.

    In the Seat 61 site you can select Croatia in the bar on the left and you will get info how to get there from London (and back which is more useful for you) and likely there will be an option via Paris again, otherwise, select the option via Brussels, as that is not too far from Paris.

    Added after reading the other answer:

    InterRail is for Europeans, and hardly ever cheaper than point to point tickets for a single journey, specially not when the tickets are booked well in advance and reservation fees have to be made in combination with the rail pass. Often a fee on an overnight reservation for a couchette is as much as a ticket including reservation for that same couchette when booked 3 months before travel.

    Eurail is for people from outside Europe, and even less of a good deal most of the time, due to higher prices and fewer countries it can be used.

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  • NiNI
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    9 years ago

    just change Croatia for Slovenia and visit Bled and Ljubljana.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hi. Please visit this website and you could have a 30 European countries rail pass, valid for 5 to 10 days, for 169 Euros (if you are 25 or younger). I think it will solve your question.

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