Need a good pokemon White team?

Yo guys I need some help choosing a team for pokemon White I am gonna choose snivy and seismatoad but need 4 more different type of pokemon pls and also why to get them

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    HEY me again. Okay so you opted for Snivy this time. Very good choice. Serperior (Snivy's final evolution) has very good Special Attack along with good speed. I use one and it works very well (and when dream world is open it will be better)

    So lets get started. Like I said Serperior is a good Sp.Atk and Speed so you want to use this to your advantage. So here is the move set:


    Leaf Storm: Coupled with STAB and its Sp.Atk this is going to be your main move.

    Hidden Power (Fire): Its a pain in the but to try to get one that learns it, but the payoff is great. With Ferrothorn running around this can make or break the game for you.

    Dragon Tail: Now I use this just in case somebody tries to pull a fast one on me. If there is a pokemon that Serperior is weak against, Dragon Tail it, and get somebody new.

    Leech Seed: I like this a lot. It keeps Serperior healthy and along with Leftovers can cause endless fun.

    Next type is fire. I have said this to many people already. Catch Vinctini. Its great and takes up the role of two pokemon.


    Searing Shot: Until V-Create is released this is your number one STAB move.

    Psychic (Psyshock): I prefer the latter. It gains STAB and hits those pokemon who think that their Sp.Def is high nothing can hurt them. However if you do not have access to the TM Psychic works just as nice.

    Energy Ball (Thunderbolt): I myself have not quite decided which one I want to run. Thunderbolt covers water types and has massive damage, but Energy Ball covers Ground Types and Water Types, and with Seismtoad running around can be useful.

    Shadow Ball: I like it. It evens out the move set and provides type coverage.

    Okay Seismtoad. Same as last time.


    Earthquake: STAB, and that's it

    Surf: STAB, in addition to fire type coverage

    Brick Break: Its there to round out the move set

    Grass Knot: I loved the fact that he can learn this. Reason is that if your opponent switches into a water type, you have a slight advantage over them

    Next up is the Electric type. Again I will use Eelektross. His ability is what makes him worth playing, and the special moves he has access to, make him a viable threat.


    Thunderbolt: STAB, and its really powerful, covers water types, and flying types

    Grass Knot: There may be a time that a ground type could arise and hit you, so be prepared. Also its not bad to have an extra move to cover water/ground types who resist you.

    Strength: Even out the move set, and its useful in the field ( You do not have too, but I do)

    Flamethrower: It was suggested to me, and it works out very well.

    Next up is the flying type. Until you can trade, I suggest Unfezant. He is not the best but he is not the worst.


    Fly: Your main STAB move.

    Quick Attack: Unfezant is not the fastest Bird in the world, but with STAB and a little Carbos to boost his speed it could be useful.

    Roost: He has access to it. It will make you vulnerable to Earthquakes and such, but the HP restore is worth it.

    U-Turn(Swagger): U-Turn allows you to hit for damage and then retreat should something that can hit him comes up. Swagger is a double-edge sword. You confuse your opponent but you raise their attack, and if they get lucky they can kill you.

    Now last time I said use Reuniclus. Which if you want you still could, and again the move set is the same.


    Psychic: STAB and should be on almost every Psychic type.

    Focus Blast: Evens out the move set, and handles any dark types who come to mess with you.

    Shadow Ball: Covers Ghost types that like Darks, might want to end your game.

    Recover. Really piss your opponent off. He hits you with some damage, and you just heal.

    However since you might be running Vinctini I suggest this slot to allow for some fun. I use Mienshao. I never liked him at first until I did some research and saw his Regenerator ability. When he returns to your party he heals a little. So my friend gave me this really cool move set for him, that focuses around U-Turn and Life Orb.


    Jump Kick: STAB move

    U-Turn: The move that glues the whole set together. It can allow for a Scout, it can hit Psychics, Dark types, and you can retreat without losing a turn and gain life.

    Fake Out: Oh the beauty. You can hit your opponent with it, and with Life Orb do some damage. In addition it breaks Focus Sash, and it allows you for a Scouting move. Fake out the opponent, then U-Turn away if you do not like the match up.

    Stone-Edge: Works well with the whole move set. Not to mention covers the flying weakness, and some other annoying pokemon who want to rain on your parade.

    Well I hoped I helped, and thanks for the Best Answer on the last question.

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    5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Need a good pokemon White team?

    Yo guys I need some help choosing a team for pokemon White I am gonna choose snivy and seismatoad but need 4 more different type of pokemon pls and also why to get them

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    10 years ago

    i think you can go with Pokemon - White Version

    I've been playing Pokemon since the time of the introduction of the First Generation Pokemon. Years later, right now, I still play, and I can say that I truly enjoy this game.

    There are aesthetic changes like the four seasons that enhance the visual gameplay, as well a nice plot to follow through. The new music, cutscenes, and animated sprites are a huge plus.

    The fact that TMs are able to be used indefinitely is a real save, since I had to be very careful with choosing one for one of the Pokemon's movepool in the previous games.

    Though I think that most of Pokemon designs for this generation is almost shockingly bad, not all of them are terrible. In fact, some actually make up for it. I was also disappointed with the backtrack that got rid of the "touch-friendly" UI, but I can live without it. I just miss my Pokemon following me.

    Overall, I think this game is a step forward, and that people should give this game a chance!

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    10 years ago

    hi there i am currently playing pokemon white so here is my suggestions

    i will give 4 other pokemon and where to get them

    Beheeyem - pre evolution is elgyeem Celestial Tower - Psychic pokemon

    Bisharp - Its pre evolution is found on route 9 - Dark/Steel

    Beartic - Pre evolution is Cubichoo can be found in twisted mountain - Ice

    Chandelure- the first form litwick can also be found at celestial tower

    i wouldnt recommend siesmitoad instead you should have a flying pokemon, the beartic would be sufficient as it can learn surf, as a flying you could have swanna its water and flying its first form is found on Driftveil Drawbridge

    This gives you a good range of types here is what i would recommend for attacks

    I will give final evolution forms

    Serperior -Grass - Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Toxic

    Beheeyem - Psychic - Recover, Synchronoise, Psychic, Thunderbolt

    Bisharp - Dark/Steel - Night SLash, Aerial Ace, Iron Head, Night Slash

    Beartic - Ice - Icicle Crash, Surf, Superpower, Ice Beam

    Chanderlure - FIre/ Ghost - Flamthrower, Flame Burst, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball

    then depending on which one choose

    Swanna - FLy, Waterfall, Hurricane, Hydro Pump

    Seismatoad - Water/Ground - Earthquake, Waterfall, Muddy Water, Drain Punch

    its up to you really but it works hope your game goes well

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    Before I was able to transfer my all Poison team from HG, I used Zebstrika, Serperior, Seismitoad, Chandelure, Sigilyph, and Krookodile. it's fairly balanced and I was able to defeat the Elite Four the first time quite easily though the enemy Pokemon were 4-6 levels higher.

  • 7 years ago

    My team is







    Swanna is my main card since i taught it ice water and flying type of moves. if i am fighting against electric or steel I bring gigalith or Chandelure out. this seems to be the most powerful team. I'm thinking about switching kyrum for hydreigon

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