Legal rights to store lawn equipment in safe location, to choose the possessions and enjoy use of yard?

I'm responsible for yard care on my side of the duplex. I've spent over $1k on yard equipment and put close to 16 years worth of hard work like laying sod, landscaping etc (improving the property value) so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. I happened to have a couple of "temporary" projects going on in my backyard when the landlord showed up. She got angry and said to keep all yard equipment by the back fence adjacent to a busy path by the RR tracks. My expensive yard equipment is not safe from thieves, the weather or the wire chewing squirrels ($600 bikes and $400 electric mower wires).

I was forced to build a $300 shelter to protect newly purchased lawn tool organizer and garden cabinet. Everything is locked up; wrapped up and tied up with tarps, locks and ropes and/or chains. This makes everything so difficult to get to.There have been attempts to steal the bikes and yard equipment. The landlord made the rule for me but not the neighbors. I can no longer have bar-b-cues, ride my bike or enjoy the yard. The City Code Enforcement wants me to take down the shelter. I understand, however I will have my possessions exposed and in an unsafe location again.

I simply can't afford to move. It's unreasonable and inappropriate to force me to keep chemicals and dirty bar-b-cue and lawn equipment in a small apartment, yet let the other tenants keep their belongings by the building. The landlord has used the excuse that the insurance company doesn't want anything by the house. I don't believe her and I think I should call the company to see what they approve of. Questions:

• Do I have a right to store yard equipment in safe location (by duplex); if I am responsible for the yard care?

• Do I have a right to enjoy the yard? Can she make a rule for me and not for the other tenants? Are there mediators for housing?

• Can she prevent me from riding my bike and enjoying the use of the yard that I worked so hard on?

• Can she dictate what belongings I can own? or evict me for keeping lawn equipment safe (if I'm not hurting anything) or for having yard equipment she doesn't approve of?

• Can she force me to store my belongings, including yard equipment, in harms way of elements and thieves? Attempts have been made to steal the bikes and equipment.

• Can she make a rule for me and not the other tenants?

All I want is for my expensive things to be safe, to maintain all of the work I put into the yard, enjoy my yard and ride my bike (and to preserve my dignity:). All I need by the building is: Bikes, Cabinet, mower and organizer. The bar-b-cue and picnic table normally stay in the far end of the yard. That's it.

I'm shy and not good with confrontations. I'm intimidated by her screaming over me and threatening to evict me before I've had a chance to say anything. How would I go about encouraging her to be reasonable? Thank you for any helpful solutions or ideas.

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    9 years ago
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    its not your yard.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time, sweat and money on somebody else's lawn. Why is that?

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