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is ernest hemingway also nick adams?

ernest hemingway, is he nick adams , the character in his short stories? if so, what prove do you have?

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    Hemingway’s semi-autobiographical character Nick Adams appeared in a number of his stories, eventually becoming Hemingway’s fictional alter ego. “In Another Country,” which featured Nick, grew out of Hemingway’s experiences as a Red Cross ambulance driver during World War I and his recuperation from shrapnel wounds in a Milanese hospital. “The Killers” dealt with gangsters from Chicago, where Hemingway lived after the war, and is one of his most memorable Nick Adams tales, inspiring a number of film noir adaptations. “A Simple Enquiry,” which is not a Nick Adams story and is less well known than many of his others, undoubtedly grew out of Hemingway’s experiences speaking with and living amongst Italian servicemen during the war and during his recuperation. “Hills Like White Elephants” was inspired by Hemingway’s early married life as he and his wife Hadley traveled around Europe, notably Spain and France.

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    No, he is not. Hemingway is the real person, who created the fictional character of Nick Adams.

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    yes he is same. i read many times. they are same one.

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