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If there were no monetary reward, no exchange of money, no rich and no poor, would you feel what you are?

doing is necessary? What is important enough for people to continue to work together? What would you really like to do to make things work for all?

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    Not that long ago I came across a programme on Quantum Physics and its applications; I cannot remember the name of the programme but Professor Michio Kaku [Professor of Theoretical Physics New York] was explaining the significance of something we have all been familiar with for the past 50 years, thanks to Star Trek [as someone has mentioned above] the 'Replicator', though it is not known in reality by such name. I was really impressed by this vision of the future Professor Kaku was talking about. After further investigation [as I do not believe everything I hear] I came across an article that delved deeper into what we can and cannot do at our present stage of technology and what we are expected to achieve in the near future from our newly formed observations of quantum mechanics. The main focus of the Article was 'The Table Top Fabricator' which according to Professor Neil Gershenfeld [Director of MIT's Centre for Bits and Atoms (CBA)] will become a reality to all us within the next few decades; remarking in an interview for Fortune Magazine

    "...the digital revolution is over, and the good guys won. The next big change will be about manufacturing. Anyone with a PC will be able to build anything just by hitting 'print.'

    So this development has much to do with your question, for in several years, decades or centuries, we will have the technology to replicate all that we need, when we need it; this will eradicate world poverty and emancipate the human spirit from the subjugation of capitalism and materialism. The Human Race will no longer define our status in society by our possessions; we will be free to experience life instead of plainly existing. Money and the financial institutions that dominate society and the elite class behind them will become less influential over our lives. To eradicate Money and supply and demand for certain things can never be eradicated and there will always be ones that are better than others, but the technology of the future WILL set us free from organised poverty. I say ‘organised’ because most of the world poverty has been organised by the elite to suppress development and education of the masses in order to control. Credit Cards – Debit Cards and Cheque Books are designed to keep us all in debt, for society runs on debt, thus the financial institutions that regulate interest rates control the cash flow for maximum profit. Why are we not all driving electric cars? Or why do we not all have solar powered energy for our homes that work as well as electricity? Why are we still reliant on fossil fuels? The answers to these entire questions become clear when we come to the realisation that we are ‘slaves’ to those who run society. I am not speaking of the Governments and Monarchies of the world, but the ones who are really in power, the Money Men – the ones that OWN the financial institutions and the banks; they are the ones that own all the major Oil Companies and Refineries, suppressing social development for maximum profit. The ones in charge that filter and suppress supply for maximum demand – retarding the technological development of today to become the technology of tomorrow in order to make money out of each stage of development. Look at iPods, Cell Phones, Computers, Note Pads, Cars or any other Technological breakthroughs of the last couple of decades; see how they are released intermittently? The Phones we get today are always two or three stages behind what they have already developed – the same is true about energy efficient cars; they are decade’s in-front with the technology, but we still are stuck with product cars like the Toyota Prius because the money men have not squeezed as much profit out of Oil yet.

    Without money, capitalism and the materialistic philosophy we would all be better human beings and our minds would be free and open enough to contemplate the universe and our place in it.

    As it is Apathy is the new philosophy and Materialism the new Religion

    Where along the way was this veil placed over our eyes?

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    Two different questions. And the first answer completely kills my approach because in the star trek socialist reality there are no welfare bums or entrenched /politically connected "unions" using the gumbarrel of government coercion to enslave the taxpayers.

    Sigh .......

    Unfortunately human selfish nature makes defensive thinking a survival tool.

    Hey; hmmmm, gee isn't that kind if like the last 50 million years of human history? What? Suddenly we think its all good and clean and altruistic? It hasn't changed since pristitution was invented. Wait, I forgot the question. Working from my phone. Wil ammend on laptop.

    Oh! 2 questions. 1) what I do is important. Remember when needles washed up in the Jersey shore? EPA established regs about proper disposal of medical waste. Now I am a fancy garbage man. In that industry. That's importantt. What do I want? Rural land and my next career as goat herder. Self sufficient homestead, mostly. Had enough of modern society.

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    As technology changes our world and work habits, so does our population explosion

    change our needs and ability to feed the masses. We can, and will, build computers

    that can do most of our work. But how will we interact with each other and help each

    other to live, learn and awaken?

    Technology has been pruning jobs for fifty years. Supply and demand is also

    changing our work habits and reducing our need for industrial jobs.

    USA or Japan or Germany, or Korea, or a combination of most any 2 or 3 countries

    could produce all the automobiles the whole world needs. Another country might produce all the shirts the world needs, etc.

    People will still need goods and services, but what will be the medium of exchange? Will

    everyone finally see that giving and receiving are the same and forget about greed?

    I am sure that world trade will advance in the next 50 years, but most jobs as we

    know them now will be gone; so we will need to invent other ways to sustain society.

    Probably we will learn how to use gravity and figure ways to propel weightless

    vehicles through the air, eliminating the need for oil and most paved roads.

    It is going to be exciting, but change is always scary.

  • I am doing something necessary however I don't love what I do (as a day job)...if money was not necessary I would help people grow food and work towards self-sustainability so that people where I live could learn to produce everything that they need right there in their own community.

    I would probably spend more time taking care of my own self too (physically and mentally).

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yesssss... I love what I do, as my work, for I visualize creative changes for others... my work can be wonderfully rewarding... a change in a persons conception concerning themselves is one of the most blessed exchanges that can happen... what I do professionally, causes me to touch others, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually!

    I can't say how many people I have refreshed, but it is in the thousands... Claptic and this has been such a vibrant passionate journey for me.

    I would do it for nothing if I could .... there are many blessed moments, because in this, everyone can get lifted, from the physical to the spiritual because spirits do touch... and togetherness happens... in essence and in the natural... into years and years of deeply gratifying relationships... from all walks of life... we all do have great talents which go unrecognized in the little things we do, but the overall effects are beyond comprehension... A visually imaginative person can create great changes within another ~ physiological perception of themselves are changed , others and life in general with some amazing spiritual consequences... when we feel good, we can rock the world.. row the boats, and sing a merry tune...

    I asked the Lord to bless me in this... and most of all, I was blessed with wonderful people who gave me their reasons to shine ... so we could all shine!! :)) When one brings God into the equation of all that is living, we can live a life with passion, embracing child-folk, menfolk and womenfolk...

    transformation even in the physical can be felt in the spiritual... a great manifestation occurs in all levels once a balance is made..:))

    what would i most like to do... well that is an easy one... to be the blessing ... I was created to be... to just add life to others with all the fruit of the Spirit by using the gifts bestowed upon me, by the Holy Spirit of God... and these gifts can be more than one, used as the Holy Spirit chooses... One Spirit many gifts... which are made available to us, as the Spirit opens the doors!



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    when i read your question an image popped into my head, a memory...of the after effects of a big earthquake in san fransisco i think it was...some bridges had collapsed, pancaking onto each other. people were rushing to the aid of the trapped victims. black or white or hispanic, rich or poor, religious or atheist, democrat or republic...none of that mattered on that day. the only thing that mattered was saving lives. on that day, without thinking of monetary rewards, indeed there was no offer of any...those people were raised to their highest potential...they shone, the diamond within was finally released from the rough. it is a shame that it takes a disaster to release the diamond from within us.

    GOD has taught me that HE is the reward. serving HIM is the reward. that means obeying HIM. to obey HIM means to love HIM with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind and to love my neighbor as myself. so you can see that obeying GOD is a reward in itself. i am sure you have heard it is better to give than to receive. this is so very true. if you have ever lost a loved one, the quickest way to heal from that lost is to comfort give of yourself.

    in answer to your question...yes...i am who i am and this can not change.

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    9 years ago

    It's only a ceteris paribus ,or everything being equal situation. Economists get used to it. We will be able to focus on only the most important thing to carry on. The world will enter the utopia era.

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  • Zeta1
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    9 years ago

    There is a program called Star trek the next generation: in that society there is no money: the society is dedicated to exploration, Science and leisure.

    But of course this society has no production problem, and it is a fiction.

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    Claptic great question and the timing is right,

    Our world axis been moved and the movement is a beginning of heaven and earth as a love of destiny. And so the works therein are very much important to the love in order to hearts everywhere for we all (creation) are involved in this as we love one another in an universal of care and acknowledgments of Lord our God..

    All things are working it out even when one knows not its happening in his mist. The good of God’s heart is everywhere’ I say, Truly truly is heaven here in all its wonder and making is its union to Light being of trust foremost.

    Trust in God wherever you are

    Love the Lord and know him the face of kiss.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes, paper money, and lables don't define who a person is. A person is defined by their actions.

    To make things work for all is based on contributions and free will.

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