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Computer help, please?? We went on my clean pc?

Okay, so our windows computer was freezing a lot during mundane activities. So I saw a commercial about So I downloaded that app, proceded to pay for the software, was given an 800 number to call, we called that and they talked us into purchasing their three year antivirus program. They also said our computer had a huge rogue virus and they would go in and fix it. Well this morning when I got up (It was supposed to be done by then) the screen was black and I cannot access the internet (I am on my mac). Did we get screwed? My grandma paid for it, and she is going to be SO MAD if I got her to pay for scam. I am going to call them back tonight and tell them what is going on the with this computer.. What should I do? They are charging her a pretty good amount, and we are not exactly rich. I just don't know what I should do, I am freaking out because I don't want to have to tell her I got her into a scam. I thought if they had a commercial they must be reputable. Help me PLEASE?

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    I hate to say it, but even though I have no direct expereience with those sites, I think most are scams ... they remind me of the fake/rogue antiviruses .. they find a few files THEY place on your computer and then they say "YOUR INFECTED .. the only way to fix your pc is to buy our program"... (just FYI... NO LEGIT free AV will make you pay to remove any virus ... the pro versions have more features ... yes ... but the free versions remove all the viruses the pro versions remove)

    Here are a few Free programs that you can use to "clean"/optimize your pc ...


    These are just a few tips on how to optimize your computer for better performance. For each task, there are multiple options; the programs I suggest are just the ones I find work best

    This first one I have tried again, and to be honest, I have to say for a new user, its pretty good ... I haven't noticed any negative issues. Some of the options are not comprehensive as programs like Jv16 Power Tools (link below), but it does a simple and good job at basic maintenance

    Glary Utilities - ( (FREE)

    Some of the tasks this program can perform, are: Invalid Shortcut Fixer/Remover, Temp File Remover (scans whole HDD), Trace remover, Registry Cleaner, Startup Manager, and most useful a new user (if you ask me) a 1-Click Maintenance feature that performs selected tasks automatically for the user.


    Clean Temp Files(and Folders) and Cookies

    CCleaner - ( ) - One of the best and most well known programs for this purpose ... it also has the options to remove custom (which ones you select) restore points

    If you only use one program for this purpose, I suggest CCleaner. It has support for the latest IE, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome Browsers among other programs and temp file locations


    Registry Cleaners -

    These programs I don't just recommend any of them … There are plenty of even free RC's that remove needed entries and although I know how to recover from a PC that will not boot due to this, not everyone does.

    JV16 Power Tools - ( ) - Without going into a complete description of everything this shareware can do, JV16 is one of the registry cleaners, that I have used for over 9 years now. Its not free, but I recommend this program 100%. Has helped me remove entries of pesky programs that have issues with the uninstallers.

    Reg Seeker - ( ) - Nice program to hunt for leftover entries and decent registry cleaner that has never removed “too much” on any of my computers.

    CCleaner - ( ) - Decent but “basic” registry cleaner... nothing comprehensive about it.



    The only one I recommend: Aulogic's Disc Defragmenter ( ) ..

    Pros: better than ANY other Defrag Program I have ever tried; FREE


    Reg Defrag ..

    I only use one program for this and only one, after even having issues with JV16's Reg Compactor (ONLY issue I have ever had with JV16), on my 64bit PC.. My 32bit XP laptop does fine with JV16's Reg Compactor).

    Of all the “types” of programs I am listing, this is the one I would run the LEAST... Its not needed that often

    QuickSYS Reg Defrag ( )


    Windows Start-up -

    These either scan or scan/monitor in the background items starting when your computer boots up. DO NOT “go crazy” removing items here... some like your anti-virus and driver-related items can really have ill effects on your computer IF removed. Do your research and decide for yourself … remember if you remove or disable a program at startup, it DOESN'T uninstall it, and you can simply click a shortcut to that item later.

    Both of these programs are FREE

    Win Patrol - ( ) - Scans AND Monitors

    Autoruns - ( )

    Not for new users, but power users who have never heard of this before can get a lot of use out of it.

    DOESN'T monitor; however, it DOES allow you to get to any startup item you can think of which is more than almost all other “startup managing” programs out there


    PS - sorry to hear you got suckered in ... you are NOT THE ONLY one. Maybe if its say a charge, you can say you do not want the service (cancel it) and contact your CC company .. (JUST a thought/suggestion)

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    Hi, Unplug every things from the pc, and then plug it, once you plugged every things to the pc, on it, and when the load is completed, then restarted again, after that hopefully it will works. I had same problem as you have got now. So in that way as i mentioned about really work. Please let me know, if you have got more questions, i would be very grateful to help you further. thx

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    it may be easier to just format it and reinstall windows. unfortunately it does sound like a scam, i dont know the way to get your money back as i dont have a credit card but phoning them would be a good start or contact the card provider and query the charge and ask to get it refunded

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    Dear Sarah, unfortunately, you have been totally ripped off, Contact your card supplier ASAP.

    You are wasting your time talking to the criminal company, if you paid by credit card, you may get your money back

    Best regards

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    100% a scam sweetie ! that software is nothing but pure junk I would be calling my credit card or bank and stopping payment and disputing the charges

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    its a scam she needs to get her money back and yes you guys got screwed

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