Tips on planning a trip to Prague?

Me and my 2 sisters (we are 18, 21, and 20) want to take my dad to Prague for his 50th birthday. He turns 50 this December but we are wanting to go next summer, but we want to have it all planned and the flights booked by his birthday so that we can give him the tickets for his birthday, and so we are starting to plan it now. My sisters and I have never planned a trip before or anything like this. so any help or tips?? What month in the summer would be a good time to go? What are some good things to do in prague, things you can't do in the states?

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    I think the guy above was joking or trolling. Prague is a beautiful and a very safe city, The old town and the Charles bridge does get crowded in the summer, but its not anywhere as bad as some other popular tourist destinations. There are too many attractions to list, buy a guide book, flip through it and see what appeals to you. Prague also has a ZOO that was rated as one of the top 5 in the world. As with any large city, be careful with your valuables, though I never had, or even heard of anyone having any problems.

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    Go to Sarajevo instead.Way more beautiful!Prague is over crowded,expensive,and full of pickpockets.Also be careful on the charles bridge on the way to prague castle,the 3 piller holding that bridge up is a Bi#ch.PS don't be out past 8pm there either,too many bloods and crips and shootings.UGGH!

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