UCLA girl on asians in library?

Why os everyone getting so upset about this video? I am a college student and i absolutely hate people who talk on the phone on the library when i am studying. Yes some first generation asians do lack some manner and curtesy but not just them. Ghetto people also lack manners despite the fact that they are "american". Ghetto DOES NOT mean black for those of you looking to attack me on that. Would all of you get this upset if the girl in the video had had black hair? I don't think so.

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    9 years ago
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    Did you watch this video?

    The point is not whether the cellphone crap is true or not. it's how she singles out a specific race, and how oblivious and senseless she is when it comes to the devastation that's happening in Japan right now. The people who "go through their entire phonebook to check on their family in japan" has a few more important things to worry about than her " need to reach an poli sci epiphany." e.

    Here one of the reason why we Asians are offended by her video

    1) She brought up the tsunami

    2) She said ching chong ling long(very racist and stereotypical)

    3) She implied Americans are polite and have manners

    4) In my experience, talking in libraries has certainly not been exclusive to Asians.

    5) She said everything in an obnoxious manner

    However that said, there is freedom of speech, but you have to suffer the consequences of what you say. So she has to suffer for the rest of he life for making that stupid video for he rant against Asians. She serves the fear and hate for her rude comments whether unintended or not. or better yet, she should keep her mouth to herself instead of uploading on youtube.

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    9 years ago

    Well...I agree with the other answers.

    I'd like to start off my answer by saying that I'm Asian.

    The thing that made her video so offensive and hated by so many people was probably her ignorance. I'd still be pretty upset if a girl with black hair said it the same way she did. If she had ranted in a less ignorant fashion, I'm sure people would not be hating on her right now. Seriously...Ching chong ling long? That's offensive! She even mentions the Tsunami in such a stupid manner that I just wanted to slap her right there. When people are worried, they'll call no matter where they are...and does she think all Asians are Japanese? That's like having a deadly earthquake in Canada and her telling Americans that she's sorry...

    Personally, I agreed with most of what she said in the video. Asians can be pretty rude when they're talking on her cell phones and we do have a lot of family that come to help us (my family wouldn't go to my college dorm, but I guess some do.)...that's just that norm in some Asian cultures I suppose.

    Seriously, if she had taken a more respectful and non-ignorant approach to her rant, I'd be telling her 'Yeah, you're right, lol.' but sadly that was not that case. I still agree with her but I am still trying to process how someone could be so stupid...

    Anyway, that's just my two cents...thanks for reading it.

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    Did you even watch the video?

    People weren't upset because she was talking about others who talk at the library. People should not talk in a library. That's a given.

    People were upset because she mimicked the way Asians speak, criticized Asians for having their family come visit them, and for bringing up the tsunami situation.

    But I think the whole thing got blown out of proportion. She received death threats, the police had to get involved, and she had to have her finals schedule changed. Death threats are obviously an unnecessary over-reaction to the original video.

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    Actually, people would still get upset if this girl had black hair. It doesn't matter what color hair, eyes, or skin you have. People are extremely judgemental and unforgiving on the net. She wasn't the first person to ruin her life on the net either.

    Remember the cat bin lady? She received death threats just because she put a cat in a trash can. She was on the news for awhile too. I think she might have lost her job because of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1xuLs7BCeo

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    And cat bin lady had nothing to do with race or the way she looks.

    Source(s): btw, I'm asian and I'm very much offended. She acts like all asians are born outside of America. Some of us ARE American you know! My family hasn't lived (or have been born) in China for generations. I was born in America and I learned American manners! Her descendants migrated to America as well at some point so it annoys me that she thinks she's somehow different (and better) than I am because she considers herself a "real" American.
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  • 3 years ago

    She had her opinion in particular which replaced into brought about via hate,stuff like that she needed to maintain to herself.however the asians that replaced into making relaxing of themselves replaced into basically attempting to get a pair of guffaws and be humorous.

  • 9 years ago

    HAHA yea i hurd about that vid from my friend idk some people just want to be racist and complain especially for us blonde girls. i wana see it but i dont have youtube on this computer :(

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