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Teaching myself piano?

My grandmother and aunt both have uprights, and I've always wanted to learn how to play. I'm 15, and I'd like to teach myself. I know the piano is something you usually lear when you are little, but I really do want to play. I can already play the alto saxophone and the guitar, so I already know music pretty decently, but I want to try something new, and I've always loved listening to pianos. So I want to try and learn the basics this summer, or more, depending on how much I enjoy playing it.

What are good books that teach the basics of piano? And also, do I have to have the piano in tune to play? I'm not sure if either one of them are, since neither my aunt or grandmother have played in years, but I have a friend who has been playing since he was 5, and his piano isn't tuned at home (but when he goes to lessons, he plays on a tuned one, so he notices the difference in sound). Also, I'm left handed....will that affect learning how to play in any form?

Thanks in advance!

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    John W. Schaum piano books are great for teaching the basics for piano. You will eventually have to have the piano in tune to play if you want to learn to easily be able to distinguish the right note to easier be able to play by ear and sight read music, but just for playing basic music and learning where the notes are located on the piano and how to read the bass clef, you shouldn't have any difficulties with it. Since you already know how to play the treble clef in guitar and the treble clef for the alto saxophone, just learning a new clef and how to read the music won't be a problem. What looks like an E in the treble clef will be a G in the same spot in the bass clefs, or two full steps above the other distinguished note. Being left handed won't stop you from learning how to play in most cases in piano, however you will need proper right hand development in order to play advance songs such as 24 etudes by Chopin if you get to be an advanced piano player. If anything, piano is the easiest instrument if you're right or left handed because with instruments like the violin, the highest note is on the right and the lowest note is on the left, and there are usually high notes in violin pieces, so if you're left handed it's going to be harder to work those fingers on your hands for your right hand to play really advanced melodies. But on the piano, you can pretty much play however you want in each hand. There's no bow you must hold in each hand, for example. If you can play guitar regularly, you can play piano as long as you're dedicated at it and practice with it every day. Good luck starting with piano.


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    1 decade ago


    Yes, you can learn piano by yourself, but beware of doing it wrong.

    One of the drawbacks of learning without good guidance is that you tend to develop bad habits without even knowing it. The more you practice this way, the harder it will be to correct those bad habits.

    I’ve had students that were learning piano on their own. Sometimes I was able to help them correct their bad habits, but other times it was too late. Not only it was harder, but it took a lot of time to correct them. This was precious time they could have spent “improving” instead of “undoing.

    If you plan to continue learning piano for a long time, I seriously recommend that you start learning with a well structured method that guides you step by step.

    You can practice piano even if it's not tuned right, as long as is not way out of tune. That is, some of the keys sound with a totally different pitch than normal.

    Some piano learning programs specialize on teaching using popular and/or contemporary songs, others on playing by ear, etc. Find the best one suited for your needs.

    Last month I was reading about a piano method that had great reviews in a keyboard magazine. It's a complete piano method and the price is less than the cost of one month of private lessons.

    In case you're interested, check the source below.

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    5 years ago

    ok listen suga, to teach yourself piano is not hard if you really have determination. I have taught myself piano for about a year and I am just fine the thing that will help you with sheet music is not only practice but learning a song that you really like the first song i ever learned on piano was love song by sara barellies the song is pretty awesome. but it is easier to learn songs that you love because you will want to learn them so just do those first and then you can build from there.

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    1 decade ago

    Begin by checking out group piano classes at your local high school. Or pay a fee at your local junior community college. And if you are an adult, then there's group piano lessons offered at evening adult school sometimes but are usually quite costly. I tryed this book I found online called Rocket Piano lessons it tought me everything I needed to know about playing piano and I can now plat all of my favorite songs with confidense.Try it ot for yourself, check out this book.

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