What has happened to 30 Rock?

Seasons 1-4 made me laugh so hard sometimes that I thought I would choke. Season 5 is really sucking it up so far. I mean, I barely even laugh at it anymore.

And WTH was with the Bob Ballard episode? That guy looks NOTHING like Bob Ballard, who also is a real nice guy (I have met him).

They got other actual people to play their roles...(Oprah, Bon Jovi, Buzz Aldrin)

I heard Clinton turned them down for a cameo, and I don't blame him.

Is it being written by different people, or what?

And what happened to Tracy Morgan? He was always good for a laugh.


Oh Jeez, I didn't know that about Tracy. He is such a talented guy, I hope he gets well soon and wants to come back to work.

The show is a little sad without him.

I'll have to go back and check out the V-Day episode again. The most recent episode posted on fancast, I couldn't even get through. I stopped it about 5 minutes in. That has never happened to me before...

I feel violated.

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  • Tahloo
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    10 years ago
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    Tracy Morgan is off the show temporarily. He's recuperating from a kidney transplant.

    Yeah, it's kind of running on fumes right now. I loved the V'Day show, though with Matt Damon.

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