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why is my toffee grainy?

im making both treacle and syrup toffee for wedding favors but it keeps going grainy please help

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    the toffee must reach the correct temperature or it will not be brittle and hard when it sets. It is worth investing in a sugar thermometer. That said, the toffee still tastes good even when a little soft and sticky but it won't be real Toffee. The success of this toffee depends on it reaching the correct temperature, any lower and the sugar doesn't melt sufficiently to produce a sharp, hard toffee. Adding water, not butter, creates a very brittle, shiny toffee, butter would make it cloudy.

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  • 9 years ago

    the most common cause of graininess in candy is stirring. when you stir the sugar mixture, you agitate the sugar molecules, causing them to bind and form crystals, which cause the grainy texture. also, crystals build up on the side of the pan, which is why most recipes direct you to brush down the sides with water. doing so should help prevent further crystallization. so don't stir and be sure to brush down your pan sides!

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